Circadian rhythms

High Cortisol Isn’t Bad: How Elevated Morning Cortisol Helps Your Blood Sugar and Immune System

by Mike Mutzel



Show Notes


02:14 If your thyroid slows down, or you have slow conversion from T4 to T3, it slows down everything: hair growth, digestion, HPA axis and metabolism.

02:56 A result of slow metabolized cortisol is free cortisol elevates.

04:16 With autoimmune or Hashimoto’s, thyroid labs may be normal, yet there are symptoms and antibodies.

05:36 Metabolism of cortisol can be slowed by many causes, including steroid medications in their many forms, Accutane, opioid pain medication or others that suppress the HPA axis. Traumatic brain injury can affect they hypothalamus or pituitary.

06:19 Anorexia can also slow cortisol metabolism.

08:31 DHEAS is the sulfated form of DHEA, which is made in our adrenal glands.

09:16 If sulfation of DHEA does not occur, you have low DHEAS and normal levels of DHEA. Testing is done on DHEAS.

10:33 Inflammation is the most common reason that you may have low DHEAS compared to testosterone or other androgen markers.

11:25 The SULT2A1 SNP can result in lower DHEAS.

12:49 Cortisol is made in about 10 minutes and is broken down in 1 to 2 hours. Norepinephrine and epinephrine hang around for only minutes.

13:22 Alcohol consumption negatively affects detoxification, blood sugar regulation, gut microbiome, HPA axis and sleep quality.

16:04 Hormone Testing: Serum hormone testing is for spot hormones. The CAR (Cortisol Awakening Response) profile is a saliva test and urine spot testing.

21:54 HVA is a dopamine metabolite. VMA is a norepinephrine/epinephrine metabolite.

23:21 MMA, methylmalonate acid, is the marker for adenosyl cobalamin, the B12 of your mitochondria.

24:25 DUTCH Plus can help men understand male pattern baldness risk.

26:19 Find out why your testosterone is low and where it is going.

29:14 Using HRT or steroids just a few times can affect the HPA access for years, or depending upon length of usage, the affect can be permanent.

31:31 Steroidal or hormonal birth control can cause post birth control pill syndrome in some women.

33:00 Sleep/circadian rhythm is foundational. Every gland and every cell has its own circadian rhythm. Your reproductive rhythm is 100% tied into your circadian rhythm.

35:00 Some pharmaceutical estrogen and progesterone is bioidentical.

36:30 If estrogen does not go through phase 2 detoxification and become neutralized, it can cause DNA damage, increasing the risk for mutations.

37:08 Support phase 1 detoxification with raw carrots and celery, cumin, anise, coriander and broccoli, as well as glutathione, N-acetyl cysteine, DIM and active sulforaphane.



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