Fat Loss

Fasted Cardio & Fat Loss (Oxidation) Science Review

by Mike Mutzel




Does Fasted Cardio Enhance Fat Loss?

Fasted- vs. fed-state cardio is a controversial topic amongst fitness and weight loss experts nowadays. Many online gurus say fasted exercise, specifically cardio, doesn't enhances fat loss. Others will argue that it (fasted aerobics) accelerates body composition changes, make fat-loss easier.

In this short video I review some of the latest studies that have looked at this biology in humans.

In brief, several well controlled studies in humans found that one hour of steady-state cardiovascular training in a fasted state enhances 24-hour fat oxidation while the same duration and intensity of training in a fed state doesn't increase fat oxidation. (1,2)

In contrast, a one-month duration study in young women found no additional fat-loss benefits in fasted cardio vs fed cardio. (3)

Hope you learn a few tips from this video!



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