Extended Fasting and Your Immune System, White Blood Cells

by Mike Mutzel



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Just remember friends…stay home and support your local Soda 🥤 company! 🤣 Jokes aside, I’m researching for a detailed video about how elevated blood sugar negatively impacts the immune system and the data is overwhelming. 😡 This study of 37 healthy subjects with a control group showed how a 75 gram glucose bolus altered a range of white blood cells and T lymphocyte subsets, creating significant lymphopenia—which, incidentally is THE most common clinical characteristic amongst those with severe COVID-19 disease and non-survivors. Has anyone heard the Fear-Based News Networks discuss sugar or the impact that diet has on immune system function? I’m still waiting…..might as well eat another cupcake 🧁 while I wait on my sofa for the vaccine. #lowcarb #keto #ketogenic #ketodiet #fasting #intermittenfasting #sugarfree #wholefood #covid19 #coronavirus #lowsugar #cico #fatloss #coronamemes

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The Biology of Human Starvation: Volume I The Great Starvation Experiment

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