Exposing The Immune & Metabolic Health Science Experts Ignored

by Mike Mutzel


Tyna Moore, DC, ND discusses nutrition and lifestyle strategies to alleviate joint pain, improve immune resilience and support metabolic health.



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Time Stamps

02:40 Dr. Moore’s PRP patients who were not metabolically sound would have lipids in their blood, making it cloudy, even if they were fasted. Platelets would be clumped together. This proinflammatory state would predict how well the patient would respond to therapy.

07:00 Lifestyle is how Dr. Moore eliminated her autoimmune platelet illness.

07:50 You are not your diagnosis. Language has power.

08:45 You give yourself your autoimmune disease. Mindset is everything.

09:15 Strength and conditioning is a vital needed therapy, whereas PT and chiropractic may provide another diagnosis.

10:40 Hormones will remain out of balance until your metabolic health is in order and your metabolic health will only get in order if you build muscle.

14:00 Identifying by your diagnosis gives you an excuse. Herniations heal, as long as your body is in a regenerative state.

15:25 Doctors, come up with your own diagnosis. Evaluate your patient, take the history, and do the physical exam before looking at the imaging report.

17:00 We can all do something to strengthen our bodies and improve our resilience. The onus is on you to be healthy. If you know better, you do better.

25:10 Your immune system and your metabolism are two sides of the same coin. They are interconnected.

25:50 The virus induces fire in your system. When you are inflamed, you waste. The more inflammatory the response, the more wasting you experience.

26:40 You can be a hot mess of inflammation before the virus. There are lots of ACE2 receptors on fat cells for the virus to bind to. Visceral fat is a cytokine factory. You can eat proinflammatory foods and live a proinflammatory lifestyle.

27:40 The virus can enter a highly inflamed person without it triggering the immune system. By the time your body knows that it has been infiltrated, the stage 2 immune response is chaotic and destructive.

29:10 Post viral syndrome is a real thing. Those most susceptible to poor virus outcomes, are those most susceptible to long hauler and most susceptible to the vaccine not working well.

34:00 Chronic post viral syndrome is tantamount to mitochondrial dysfunction.

36:20 Hydrotherapy can be as simple as sitz baths, alternate sitting (your perinium) in shallow cold water and warm water. It moves blood and lymph and probably impacts the central nervous system.

36:50 Clinics that used constitutional hydrotherapy (towels hot and cold on the chest), had great outcomes during the Spanish Flu pandemic,

37:14 How well you tanned, at the old time sanitoriums, was indicative of your outcome. If you tanned well, your chances of recovering were higher.

43:30 Studies of COVID long haulers are 30 to 90 days later, so it may be just a long recovery, rather than long hauling. It takes time to rebuild. Be kind to yourself.

45:10 COVID is likely a vascular disease. Be good to your vascular system for at least 6 months. Take your fish oil. Cut out alcohol. Take your supplements. Eat well.

46:55 Vaccinated people may have compromises in their immune system against further strains.

47:55 Have your metabolic health intact to prepare for any viral exposure.

48:50 After quitting alcohol, Dr. Moore’s anxiety is gone, her HRV doubled, her cognition, motivation and creativity improved, and her sleep is high quality.

55:45 Hunger cues become muted when we eat out of habit or when we should eat. Eat according to your instinct, once you have been eating clean and taking good care of yourself.

57:20 Blood sugar dysregulation starts in the quads. A plump bum is a sign of vitality.

01:00:05 Hormone balance is reflected in libido, sleep, strength and muscle building, and appetite.

01:02:15 Keep your waist circumference in check. Above 35 inches for women and above 40 inches in men is a red flag. You will be at high risk for developing diabetes.

01:04:15 Eat your protein and fat first. If you are going to eat carbs, eat fat with it.

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