Exercise is the Best Medicine for COVID-19: Facts Everyone Should Know in 2023

by Mike Mutzel


Exercise and regular physical activity have been shown to have positive effects on immune function and reduce inflammation which is important for fighting off various infections, including respiratory infections like COVID-19. Here's a summary of the mots recent article and statistics.



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Studies Mentioned:


1.Torres, G., Constantinou, D., Gradidge, P., Patel, D. & Patricios, J. Exercise is the Most Important Medicine for COVID-19. Curr. Sports Med. Rep. 22, 284–289 (2023).


2.Jimeno-Almazán, A. et al. Effects of a concurrent training, respiratory muscle exercise, and self-management recommendations on recovery from post-COVID-19 conditions: the RECOVE trial. J. Appl. Physiol. 134, 95–104 (2023).


Time Stamps:

00:00 Exercise is the most important medicine for COVID19.

02:10 Exercise reduces the severity of upper respiratory tract infections.

02:30 Exercise reduces odds of contracting COVID, being hospitalized, being in the ICU, and risk of death.


05:10 Exercise reduces inflammation.

07:30 Autophagy and mitophagy occur with every exercise session, optimizing energy production.

09:20 Exercise prevents the accumulation of exhausted T cells.

10:45 Exercise releases myokines that help the thymus gland release T cells.

11:00 T cells and B cells are mobilized in the blood by increased catecholamines during exercise, and likely cold exposure.

11:20 Natural killer cells and viral specific T cells occur with each exercise session.

12:00 Aerobic exercise mobilizes T lymphocytes, T cells, and effector cells.

13:00 Exercise exerts anti-inflammatory effects within the heart.

13:50 Stem cells from muscle are released during intense exercise.

14:35 Your frontline mucosal defense is impacted by exercise.

15:30 Myokines from exercise increase BDNF.

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