Exercise Causes Muscles to Make Fat Burning Hormones Called Exerkines

by Mike Mutzel


Researchers are discovering how exercise causes muscles to make fat burning hormones and molecules called exerkines. In this show we dive into the details about the health benefits linked with exercise and exerkines.



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Episode Time Stamps:


0:00 Skeletal muscle is an endocrine organ.

0:10 Movement stimulates your skeletal muscle organ to release endocrine-like hormones and myokines (aka exerkines) that have systemic effects upon the brain, heart, liver, bone, mood, and more.

1:10 Movement/exercise can have anti-cancer properties.

1:50 Increases in exerkines influence microRNA increases.

2:40 Skeletal muscle is the largest organ of your body by weight.

4:55 Volume and intensity of exercise determines the duration and quantity of release of exerkines.

5:15 Start: Do 3 to 5 exercises for 3 to 5 reps, 3 to 5 sets, 3 to 5 days per week. Do the things you like.

6:00 Exerkines have paracrine and autocrine effects that effect muscle, the entire endocrine system, fat cells, immune system, bone, and brain.

7:30 Habitual exercise can induce sustained elevated increase in exerkines and the associations with disease reduction.

10:15 After exercise, there is a transient increase in proinflammatory interleukins, and a post exercise increase from skeletal muscle with systemic anti-inflammatory properties.

12:10 The anti-cancer effects of exercise go beyond the reduction in bodyfat.

13:30 Exerkine milieu lasts for several hours after exercise cessation.  

14:05 Exercise can prevent or delay the onset of neural degenerative conditions.

15:30 Adipose tissue can release exerkines.

16:10 Your liver is a major source of many acute and chronic exercise-responsive cytokines.

17:10 Exercise affects your gut microbiome.



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