Blood Sugar Imbalances Accelerate Muscle Wasting, New Study Finds

by Mike Mutzel


Aging natural causes muscle loss and poor metabolic health hastens the process, new science finds. Learn how to break this viscous cycling and preserve muscle and metabolic health as you age.



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Giha, H. A., Alamin, O. A. O., & Sater, M. S. (2022). Diabetic sarcopenia: metabolic and molecular appraisal. Acta Diabetologica, 1–12.

“…catabolic conditions such as cancer, infections, diabetes, organ failure, or inactivity/disuse promote a net loss of proteins, organelles, and cytoplasm causing shrinkage of the cellular volume, a condition named atrophy.”

Sartori, R., Romanello, V., & Sandri, M. (2020). Mechanisms of muscle atrophy and hypertrophy: implications in health and disease. Nature Communications, 1–12.

Show Notes:

00:26 You become less glucose tolerant as you age.

00:49 Insulin resistance amplifies the rate of acceleration in the wasting of muscle.

01:05 Muscle stem cells, as you age, cause your muscles to behave like fat tissue.

01:25 Muscle tissue of people who are insulin resistant or diabetic resembles that of age-related sarcopenia.

01:35 Atrogenes drive atrophy.

01:52 60 to 80% of post meal glucose is deposited in skeletal muscle. If there is no muscle, it gets converted into fat.

02:45 About 83% of American adults suffer from some sort of insulin resistance.

03:25 Insulin resistance favors muscle protein catabolism, at the expense of muscle protein synthesis.

06:18 Insulin resistance activates atrophy genes.

06:50 You become more insulin resistant and lose muscle mass as you age.

07:40 Hyperinsulinemia accelerates atherosclerosis (heart disease) and cancer.

10:58 Insulin resistance leads to a decline of mTOR activation in your muscle.

13:00 About .1% of all of your muscle tissue is turning over at any point. Progenitor stem cells are involved in the maintenance and regeneration of your muscles.

14:00 Muscle is the most active site of protein metabolic processes in the body.

14:25 You may get better gains from exercise and resistance training by being more insulin sensitive.

15:10 Background inflammation from insulin resistance can accelerate muscle atrophy.

16:00 To become more insulin sensitive…


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