4 Ways to Approach Intermittent Fasting: Why This One is the Best IMO

by Mike Mutzel




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Fasting Strategies for Shift Workers:

Video Show Notes:

00:40 Mike favors time-restricted feeding as a subtype, because of its impact upon the circadian clock system. It impacts hormones, digestive physiology, blood sugar sensitivity, and insulin sensitivity.

01:18 Berberine hydrochloride is a fasting memetic/accelerant. It helps your body increase levels of ketone production early in your fast.

01:40 Alpha lipoic acid and biotin are synergistic nutrients that help with blood sugar health.

02:15 When you restrict food for longer than 12 hours, your glucose tends to drop, causing a hormonal change. Insulin levels decrease and glucagon increases. It leads to the release of fat being released from your fat cells. Your liver begins to make ketones.

03:00 Fasting increases satiety over snacking every few hours.

03:41 Studies of intermittent fasting can often allow up to 400 calories per day.

04:20 Coffee, tea or another non-sweetened beverages are generally accepted as a fasting beverage. Some of us use MCT oil in our coffee.

05:20 Avoid eating in the evening. Digestion and utilization occur in the wake/active phase, around mid-day. This process wanes early in the evening.

06:50 Eating late places stress upon digestive physiology and is opposed to circadian clock physiology. Atherosclerosis and other disease processes happen in the post meal window. In nature, primates do not eat in the evening or night.

08:34 Exercising fasted in the morning, accelerates fat burning physiology by further depleting glycogen and glucose.

09:27 You may want to consider the 5:2 diet or alternate day fasting if you are overweight, less physically active, you have had cancer or a close relative with cancer, have an autoimmune condition, you are concerned about diabetes or heart failure.

10:50 There was a dramatic reduction of markers of inflammation and a reduction in asthma symptoms as a result of early alternate day fasting study.

12:30 In the 5:2 diet, you fast for 2 non-consecutive full days each week.

13:30 Ghrelin is involved in stimulating appetite. Ghrelin peaks are pulsatile.

14:40 Digestive enzymes are active during the hours of sunlight.

15:06 Leptin is also an immune hormone. It peaks while you sleep

15:35 Your body is primed to receive food in the middle of the day. Leptin is lowest, ghrelin peaks and GI processes peak at the middle of the day.

18:12 Improvements in health and sleep can be found with time restricted feeding, even without cutting calories.


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