Carnivore Diet

Why Cheat Meals Are Bad, Myths About Essential Carbs w/ Anthony Chaffee, MD

by Mike Mutzel


Dr. Anthony Chaffee, MD is a former professional rugby player and now neurosurgical resident. He shares amazing nutrition tips about staying lean, healthy and strong.



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Episode Time Stamps:

04:14 Brown fat makes thyroid hormone when you get very cold and start to shiver.  This can be as much as 50% of your thyroid output.

13:50 Average brain size and height of humans has gone down since the agricultural revolution.

17:42 Being part of a cohort of alpha males, raises a man’s testosterone.

18:55 Plants use defense chemicals to protect themselves. When you consume them, it can cause inflammation, mess with your cells, and precipitate cancer (carcinogens).

19:40 There are 10,000 times more naturally occurring poisons in vegetables than in pesticides we spray on them by weight. Naturally occurring toxins are more likely to cause cancer than the sprayed pesticides in the late 1980s. Brussel sprouts have 136 known human carcinogens. White mushrooms have over 100.

25:27 Humans are carnivores. When you make one concession to carbs in your diet, you will do it again.

27:00 Fructose gives a dopamine response to the addiction centers of your brain. When your neurons are on, they are being damaged, and they need to turn off cyclically to heal themselves while you sleep.

27:40 Fructose kills the same area of the brain as meth.You can permanently damage or kill different portions of your brain with excess excitation.

28:48 Fructose is highly toxic and addictive. It breaks down into the same byproducts as alcohol and causes the same damage: fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, diabetes, heart disease, and has been implicated in Alzheimer’s and cancer.

29:30 Cheat days keep you addicted. Just a little plant product consumption can have a big negative impact metabolically.

36:00 Fructose in fruit and honey worsens metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease.

40:00 Fructose replenishes liver glycogen levels. However, if you are on a carnivore or ketogenic diet, your body replenishes liver and muscle glycogen almost constantly.

40:52 Modern fruit has been bred to be very sweet. Your ancestors ate fruit that was fibrous, tough to eat, had a big seed and held little sweetness.

43:15 If carbohydrates were required to prevent low thyroid, our ancestors would not have survived. Low thyroid is devastating and can be fatal. Low thyroid during pregnancy is very damaging to a child, causing creatinism.

44:30 There is no essential carbohydrate. You do not have to eat carbohydrates at all.

46:00 Dr. Chaffee’s Hashimoto’s patients have recovered or are recovering on a carnivore diet. They reduced antibodies and regained functionality in their thyroids.

48:15 Your brain is the texture of soft serve ice cream.  Unhealthy people can have a browning of the skull bones.

54:04 Cancer is a metabolic disease, not a purely genetic disease.

54:30 Since the 1980s, we have vilified meat and fat. We reduced fat and cholesterol intake by 30%, reduced red meat consumption by 33%, increased fruit and vegetable consumption by 30 and 40% respectively, as well as grains and sugar.

54:50 Chronic disease increased since this dietary change. Obesity rate has tripled. Heart disease tripled. Stroke rates tripled. Cancer rates have tripled. Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and neuro-developmental delays like autism have all increased exponentially.

55:30 Something in our environment has affected our cancer rates. It is a disruption of our mitochondria. People who go on a ketogenic diet have healthier mitochondria. They have 4 times the number of mitochondria, which are 4 times as effective.

56:45 Damaged mitochondria go back to primitive energy generation, fermentation. They ferment glucose and need 400 times the amount of glucose. Damaged mitochondria kickoff reactive oxygen species that damage your DNA.

58:00 Mitochondria stop the cell from proliferating out of control, which is what cancer is.

58:10 A keto or carnivore diet limits the food supply of cancer cells. Cancer also feeds upon glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in your body.

59:27 Cancer cells cannot run on ketones.

01:00:25 GBM (glioblastoma multiforme) is the most aggressive form of primary brain tumor. After diagnosis, average life expectancy is 3 months. With traditional treatment, it is 15 – 18 months.  Having had no treatment other than metabolic interventions and surgery for debulking, patients are still alive 8 years later. The tumor can be eliminated. Animal models confirm this.

01:05:30 Eating liver every day is out of proportion to what your ancestors did. Predators may not be going for the organs of their prey. They may be going after the belly fat. Dr. Chaffee does not believe that you need to eat organ meats.

01:07:30 Vitamin toxicity can be just as bad as a vitamin deficiency. Both can be fatal. Both can cause harm.

01:11:00 You need fewer nutrients and supplementation on a keto or carnivore diet.

01:14:05 Chronic diseases being treated today are toxicities from a species-inappropriate diet and malnutrition – a lack of species-specific nutrition. Too many plants and not enough meat.

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