Top 2020 Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out to be True

by Mike Mutzel

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Sit back and grab some popcorn 🍿 while while we review all the things we said two years ago that were claimed to be false that actually turned out to be true.




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Video Time Stamps:

00:25 #1 Everyone’s risk of dying is the same. Underlying health conditions shift the odds that you will get COVID 19. Obese individuals are 46% more likely to test positive. Cardiometabolic issues, like hypertension and uncontrolled diabetes, were more commonly found in patients who were hospitalized or died from COVID 19. About 80% of COVID 19 deaths in the USA occurred in individuals over the age of 65.

03:55 #2 Nutrition and exercise have nothing to do with the virus. Poor cardiorespiratory fitness prior to the outbreak leads to increased risk of dying or being hospitalized.

07:05 #3 Use cases to gauge the trajectory of the pandemic. A super majority of infections were mild or asymptomatic. We should be looking at severe disease and stratifying risk. Counting cases drives fear.

09:05 #4 Mandates and restrictions are the solution. NYC, LA and Seattle are leading the nation in new cases, proving that restrictions do not work.

14:40 #5 We don’t have time to get healthy. There is an epidemic of obesity, metabolic disease, cardiovascular challenges. They impact risk. It should not be ignored. 575,000 hospitalizations were preventable, and a significant number of deaths could have been prevented by addressing underlying health issues.

18:18 #6 All masks are equally effective. We know this is not the case.

20:00 #7 Media fear mongering does no harm.  The second highest risk factor for death from COVID is a previous diagnosis of anxiety or a fear related disorder. Your immune system is connected to your thoughts and emotions (psychoneuroimmunology). Heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s still have the highest rates of death.

23:23 #8 The indirect effects of COVID to young people are less harmful than the direct effects of COVID. Obesity rates in kids doubled. Suicides and screen addiction rates are up. Screen addiction leads to depression, gender dysphoria and suicide ideation. There are changes in IQ. Indirect effects of COVID 19 were much worse for people under the age of 45.

26:29 #10 The virus is going to be eradicated, just like smallpox and polio. No scientist worth their salt believed this. Parents are not bringing their children to the doctor because they are afraid. Now children are now not receiving their vaccines for other diseases. SARS COVI2 mutation rates are among the highest of all classifications of viruses.

28:39 #11 Promoting healthy living causes vaccine hesitancy. Healthier people, those who exercise and have low body fat, produce a much superior antibody response after immunization. They also have less antibody waning in the post immunization window. Vaccine response is not the same among people.

30:19 #12 Natural immunity is not durable. Cities with high vaccine compliance have high rates of infection. Natural immunity is more robust. You are making immunological memory to the many non-structural proteins that are features of the virus. Your immune system has a diverse array of redundant systems designed to remember viral antigens. This is not true of the current vaccine.

32:25 #13 People in the hospital are there because they have COVID. Were people in the hospital because of COVID or they were admitted for something else, and they happened to have COVID? All have been counted equally.

33:50 #14 Closing fitness centers and gyms will help flatten the curve. Going to the gym is a place of social connection (needed to support your immune system).  Fitness is protective, supports your immune system and makes vaccines more efficacious.

24:59 #15 Closing schools is a good idea. School can be an escape from abuse for some children.

36:25 #15.5 Lockdowns were necessary. The virus was spreading months before lockdowns were implemented. It was not going to be kept out. There were many unintended harms.

37:54 #16 Voter ID is racist, but a vaccine passport is equitable. Selective policies apply in one context but not others.

39:30 Public health is designed to maximize the quality adjusted life years of a population.

  1. Great podcast! Very thought-provoking. My only comment is regarding voter id vs. vaccine passport. The main difference (from a purely legal standpoint) is that voting is a constitutionally protected right, so putting impediments to voting, like having to get a special ID in order to do it, is ‘unconstitutional’.

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