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The Best Fasting Method for Fat Loss: New Study Breakdown

by Mike Mutzel

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A new study comparing different fasting methods found pairing a low carb diet with daily time-restricted feeding, a form of intermittent fasting, led to the greatest loss in belly fat and improvements in metabolic health more than just fasting alone.




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He, M. et al. Time-restricted eating with or without low-carbohydrate diet reduces visceral fat and improves metabolic syndrome: A randomized trial. Cell Reports Medicine 3, 100777 (2022).


Time Stamps:

00:55 The study looked for most favorable changes in visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue and proxies linked with metabolic syndrome.

06:23 There was a significant reduction in body fat mass with the combination of low carb diet and TRF.

06:50 Visceral fat is more pro-inflammatory, linked with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and more.

07:30 Metabolic markers via the HOMA-IR score and triglycerides had the greatest degree in favorable changes with low carb/TRF.

08:15 The ratio between triglycerides and HDL is a sensitive and specific indicator of cardiovascular health compared to looking at LDL.

09:15 Fasting may improve glycemic control.

09:55 Adjust the ending of your fast, if you are not seeing results, to earlier in the day.

11:20 Your body is optimally primed to ingest food earlier in the day, which may increase fat oxidation.

13:35 TRF and low carb diet significantly decreased both subcutaneous and visceral fat.

14:20 TRF can increase LDL cholesterol as your body becomes more efficient. Fat is being transported for use as fuel.

15:12 LDL sub factions increase, particles become more buoyant and less oxidizable with TRF.

15:30 Triglyceride to HDL ratio is a predictor of cardiovascular disease. Metabolic changes associated with exercise, low carb diet and TRF can improve this.

16:15 Blood pressure declined significantly with low carb/TRF.




  1. Thanks so much for that note near the end on the LDL rising due to improved metabolic efficiency. It is the one thing that I’ve not been able to improve in my years of Low Carb and Time-Restricted Eating… in fact, it’s gotten somewhat worse. And yeah, the doc offers statins, but I’m not going there. Do you have links on studies showing the expected LDL rise and/or on the Triglyceride : HDL ratio being the better thing to watch? And what levels are considered good? (My Triglyceride : HDL ratio has been floating 0.56 – 0.71 — hopefully that’s in the happy range — but you didn’t mention what’s good.) Thanks!

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