T Cells Resist COVID-19 Infections, New Study in Exposed Health Care Workers

by Mike Mutzel


A new study finds T Cells resist COVID infections, a new analysis in exposed Health Care workers.




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Swadling, L., Diniz, M. O., Schmidt, N. M., Amin, O. E., Chandran, A., Shaw, E., et al. (2021). Pre-existing polymerase-specific T cells expand in abortive seronegative SARS-CoV-2. Nature, 1–10.

Video Time Stamps:

Anderson, E. M., Goodwin, E. C., Verma, A., Arevalo, C. P., Bolton, M. J., Weirick, M. E., et al. (2021). Seasonal human coronavirus antibodies are boosted upon SARS-CoV-2 infection but not associated with protection. Cell, 1–18.

Sagar, M., Reifler, K., Rossi, M., Miller, N. S., Sinha, P., White, L. F., & Mizgerd, J. P. (2021). Recent endemic coronavirus infection is associated with less-severe COVID-19. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 131(1), 270–6.


Time Stamps:


00:45 There are shared structural features with SARS COVI2 and other more endemic corona viruses. Your T cells recognize these shared features.

01:40 Participant healthcare workers had been exposed to the virus, but the virus was not able to cause a real infection due to T cells. These healthcare workers who did not get sick while working in a hospital setting treating COVID 19 patients had no evidence of antibodies to the spike protein or the nucleocapsid to SARS COVI2. They did have increased reactivity to SARS COVI2 specifically.

02:10 Your T cells are influenced by your diet, lifestyle, stress management, sleep habits, carb intake, and exercise.

02:40 T cells are able to help you to abort an infection. They react and prevent SARS COVI2 virus from getting into your cells and replicating. Your T cells are important to creating herd immunity.

04:40 T cells may disable a cluster of viral proteins called the Replication Transcription Complex, which helps the virus to reproduce. T cells recognition was more prevalent in healthcare workers who did not contract COVID 19 over those who got the virus.

05:15 Individuals who do high intensity interval training and those who are life-long athletes have a lower percentage of senescent T cells.

05:25 As you age, your thymus atrophies. It is a factory for T cells. The older you are, the fewer T cells you have. So, you rely more on natural killer cells. Both are influenced by exercise and vitamin D.

05:50 As you age, your T cells become more senescent. These release interleukins and prostaglandins. They recruit more cells to become senescent. The cell should die, but it doesn’t.

06:40 When you exercise, you purge senescent cells from your immune system.

07:21 The spike protein is the platform for most of the current commercially available vaccines.

07:38 T cells are capable of cross-reacting and recognizing variants between seasonal endemic Corona viruses and SARS COVI2.

10:00 Just because you don’t have antibodies, doesn’t mean you don’t have immunity.  All the studies look at IgG antibodies.

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