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#232: Stan Efferding: Why Red Meat Is Better Than Chicken & Egg Whites, Unlearning Bad Nutrition Advice

by Mike Mutzel




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Such an honor to podcast with @metabolic_mike of High Intensity Health. Mike walks his talk and he and his guests drop knowledge bombs on the weekly. Check out his YouTube and subscribe to “High Intensity Health”!! #Repost @theverticaldiet with @get_repost ・・・ Stan Efferding Vertical Diet with @metabolic_mike of High Intestity Health podcast whom we highly recommend. Check him out!!. . #Repost @metabolic_mike with @get_repost ・・・ Egg whites, broccoli and boneless skinless chicken breast— the contest diet prep of champions….right? It’s also a recipe for post-contest fat gain and gut distress says @stanefferding. Stan’s a fitness industry legend with the mindset of a true Functional Medicine practitioner. He’s helped countless athletes shed more fat while preserving strength and size eating more red meat, easier to digest veggies and carbs, salting their food and adding in key micronutrients. Super informative podcast coming soon….in the mean time follow him for tips and rants—especially his Shark Tank prep. Grateful for you buddy! #effingshitup #realfood #muscle #postworkout #sharktank #mindset #bodybuilding #paleo #paleoish #fitness #girlswholift #legday #emeraldcup2018 #jerf #functionalmedicine #theverticaldiet #VerticalDiet

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Show Notes

10:53 Stan got his pro card in body building in his 40s. He trained with Flex Wheeler in California.

15:25 Stan doesn’t manipulate shape through water and salt. When you are healthy, your body composition improves. Keep the metabolism fired up. Too much protein can slow metabolism.

16:17 For women, being a very light weight does not translate into placing in body building competition. Since the 1980s, women tend to restrict salt and put themselves on 1200 calorie diets, eating egg whites, white fish, boneless/skinless chicken breast and lots of broccoli or asparagus. These women are emaciated. They loose all of their muscle tissue.

17:52 There is a reduction in resting metabolic rate from long term caloric restriction. Salt, fructose, and iodine improve metabolism.

19:01 Stan has his clients eat lean red meat for their protein source. This provides iron, B12, zinc, magnesium, and creatine. Calcium also stimulates metabolism.

20:59 The common diet focus is on macros, not micros. Micronutrients are in great abundance and have complicated interactions.

21:39 Stan uses sleep, food and training to manipulate body composition and strength.

23:44 When you do chronic cardio, your body will rid itself of muscle not used for the task as a way of being efficient. HIIT training under load or body building training can burn the same number of calories and sends a very different message to your body, stimulating hormones, insulin sensitivity, growth hormone and testosterone and muscle protein synthesis.

26:06 If you are lifting at 80% of your capacity, your body does not have sufficient stimulus for adaptation. Take your body somewhere it hasn’t been before: more weight, more pounds/hour, or shorter rest periods.

27:00 Optimal hypertrophy training for body builders is twice a day, 40 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. This provides stimulus and avoids over fatigue. Directly after the morning session, replace everything that was burned off: glycogen (in the form of 2 dextrose and 1 fructose), sodium and water.

28:53 Training an MMA fighter, Stan learned not to put him in the sauna because it cooks him from the inside out and he would lose cardiovascular fitness. He learned not to deplete his athlete of sodium or water for too long. It is best to get them to drop their weight in about 48 hours and get into water-cut weight about 30 days in advance. So they train at the cut weight. Refeed after weigh in.

29:54 Stan’s athletes do not use caffeine. Caffeine has a detrimental effect upon digestion, gut health, sleep, immune system, lymphatic system and adrenals. Coffee addresses a symptom, not the problem. Address the problem.

31:19 Sleep hygiene is one of the most important things that Stan addresses. Many need C-pap machines. Sleep apnea worsens as your neck gets thicker.

33:50 Change requires consistency. The best diet is the one you’ll follow. The best exercise is the one you’ll do. Make it sustainable. Get comfortable, whether it be the workout or the diet. Stan is working on a compliance app. Stan uses checklists.

38:19 Compliance is impacted by the micros more than the macros. With the Vertical Diet, Stan tries to create a meal plan that focuses upon energy, gut health and performance.

39:32 For health compromised people who are overweight, restricting calories the easiest is by limiting carbohydrates. Stan usually does this with clients as a 30 or 60 day push. Losing weight improves health outcomes no matter what you eat.

40:24 Long term, does your weight loss cause deficiencies, loss of strength or health?

40:45 Cap carbohydrates, but Stan doesn’t like to go under 100 grams a day because he doesn’t want to slow metabolism, nor does he want them to miss the micronutrients.

41:13 Keep foods containing calcium and magnesium in the diet. It aids in blood pressure control. Calcium tends to be a metabolic stimulator. With calcium, you should have K2 and vitamin D. When you go keto you lose salt, glycogen and water.

42:29 Fat adaptation works well for endurance athletes. Glycogen is needed for strength.

42:51 It is more efficient to have glycogen in the muscles when you are in training. Stan eats carbs a few hours before training. Immediately after an intense training session, he may have a shake for dextrose, fructose, sodium and water, but no proteins or fats, which slow absorption. Your body will take up the glycogen immediately after training without triggering much of an insulin response.

43:27 Fruit raises metabolism, energy levels and body temperature, but does not spike insulin. Stan has 3 or 4 ounces of orange juice 3 times a day, about 35 grams a day.

45:16 About half of hard training athletes are iodine deficient.

47:58 Fruit at almost any level of intake is protective of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

49:24 Eating fructose throughout the day stimulates the liver and increases resting metabolic rate. It also improves carbohydrate absorption.

52:37 Steak and white rice is recommended for big athletes in the Vertical Diet because they are easily digestible and the steak is nutrient dense. Turkey and chicken are cheap, but do not have the nutrient content of beef.

53:42 As the top of the food chain, you are impacted by everything the animals below you ate.

54:37 Lamb is a good red meat option. Even non-grass fed beef is a better option than farm-lot chicken.

55:55 Your recovery takes a lot of sleep, a lot of food and proper hydration.

58:12 You need to salt your food.  You cannot get enough salt out of a drink.

01:00:25 Your body defends against very lean body mass by retaining fat and water.

01:01:17 Iodine is important for your immune system and organs. It shuttles hydrochloric acid into your stomach for digestion.

01:04:55 Strength is a barometer. Everything affects strength and it is quickly and easily measureable.

01:06:06 In most cases GERD/acid reflux is caused by too low stomach acid, not too much. It is often eliminated in 3 days by eliminating foods that cause it and introducing low gas foods. Coffee relaxes the sphincter for the esophagus.

01:09:02 Three post-meal vigorous 10 minute walks each day are part of Stan’s program, the Vertical Diet and Peak Performance. In studies, participants who did these walks, had a superior health profile, including blood sugars and VO2 max over the 10,000 step folks. The vigorous post-meal walk brings insulin levels down faster and carbohydrates are being shuttled into the muscles preferentially as part of nutrient partitioning, as opposed to being stored as fat.

01:12:50 When you use stimulants, you lose the ability to draw upon your own energy when you need it. The more you use them, the less effective they become.

01:17:16 Butt wink is not a great idea. There could be a negative cumulative effect. It may delaminate the discs, pushing out the nucleus. Stretching may be the wrong stimulus for power lifting.

01:21:57 Exercises that incorporate your legs help you to burn significantly more calories.

01:27:23 Your body is regenerative, not degenerative. To make it regenerative, you need to create a stimulus, with appropriate recovery. Lack of grip strength in the elderly is an indicator of who is going to die first. Stan only does pain free exercise.

01:31:21 Stan’s elevator pitch: There should be more education and prevention. Sick care is part of the problem.


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