Seed Oil

Seed Oils and Your Brain

by Mike Mutzel


Let's review the available data about how seed oils impact your brain, cognition and more.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Linoleic acid, from dietary seed oils, is in your fat cells.

01:30 25% of total fatty acids in your fat tissue comes from linoleic acid.

01:55 Seed oils are prone to oxidization.

02:30 Soy, cotton seed, corn, canola, and sunflower oil are in most processed foods.

06:00 We eat less eggs, milk, beef and pork, and more chicken.

07:20 The half-life of linoleic acid in adipose tissue is 680 days.

08:15 Increasing body fat increases inflammation and insulin resistance.

09:00 Linoleic acid worsens inflammation and insulin resistance.

10:00 Diets rich in omega 6 fatty acids are associated with depression, poor mental health, pain, peripheral nerve damage, IBS, arthritis, and headaches.

12:55 Omega 3 fats are associated with reduced pain.

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