Resistance Training Paired with High-Intensity Intervals Is Better Than Standard Cardio for Fat Loss and Cardiovascular Health

by Mike Mutzel


A new study finds resistance training paired with high-intensity intervals is superior to stay state aerobics (cardio) for fat loss and cardiovascular health.



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Study Mentioned:

Dor-Haim, H., Horowitz, M., Yaakobi, E., Katzburg, S., & Barak, S. (2022). Intermittent aerobic-resistance interval training versus continues aerobic training: Improvement in cardiac electrophysiologic and anthropometric measures in male patients post myocadiac infarction, a randomized control trial. Plos One, 17(5), e0267888.

Time Stamps:

00:53 Visceral adiposity/abdominal fat is linked with poor outcomes in people who have already had a cardiovascular event.

01:07 Heart disease continues to be the number one cause of mortality. It took twice as many lives as COVID 19. It was the number one risk factor for severe COVID.

01:37 The Israeli study had one group do continuous cardio for 45 min several days per week. The other group did a combination of super circuit training (resistance and interval).

02:50 Resistance with intervals is safe and improved cardiovascular biomarkers linked with increased protection after a cardiovascular event.

03:01 Waist circumference was significantly reduced over the continuous cardio group.

04:14 Obesity can increase the risk of sudden death due to arhythmic disorders.

06:45 There was no change in waist circumference in the cardio group after 12 weeks.

07:00 The super circuit group lost on average 6 centimeters of belly fat.


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  1. I’m wondering if three different cardio machines is really all that important. I’m thinking about doing sprints on my spin bike in between resistance training sets.

    • Hi there,

      Probably good to switch things up a bit, but IMO any short-duration, high intensity cardio is probably sufficient.

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