Obesity & COVID are Interconnected: a Call to Action to Address this Big Epidemic

by Mike Mutzel


As the world continues to create new mandates and health orders but curiously ignores rampant obesity and metabolic health issues, scientists carry on with publishing new research about the protection offered by exercise and healthy living. We question why this isn’t being discussed more and why ignoring actual health is part of the problem.



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Time Stamps:


0:34 Commonalities among the hospitalized 

0:44 Obesity Epidemic in America 

1:14 Fauci promotes healthy living in 2019

2:08 Healthy living has been ignored 

2:41 Scientists: we’ve worsened Obesity in 2020

3:32 Mechanisms driving Obesity 

4:45 Biden, Boosters and the FDA 

5:20 Deaths in 2021 are no worse than 2020

7:14 Farm bill and agriculture subsidies 

8:04 Belly Fat and V efficacy 

8:34 Obesity and the Pandemic from Mayo Clinic 

10:41 Society is Biased towards acute infection 

13:55 Vitamin D levels in the fall and winter 

14:40 WebMD ignores obvious obesity 

15:50 Common features of hospitalized people 

19:00 CNN visits hospitalized patients, ignores obvious health issues 

19:38 We’ve worsened Obesity 

20:08 Woman does everything right, still got sick 

20:40 Why is the media ignoring this 

22:57 We’re fattening our kids with Junk food in schools

25:07 Children are move overweight than ever

25:45 60% of the calories kids eat is junk 

26:00 Health experts promote exercise 

26:48 New study finds exercise is protective against hospitalization 

28:00 Exercise enhances V effectiveness 


Latorre-Román, P. Á., Guzmán-Guzmán, I. P., Delgado-Floody, P., Sanchez, J. H., Aragón-Vela, J., Pinillos, F. G., & Montilla, J. A. P. (2021). Protective role of physical activity patterns prior to COVID-19 confinement with the severity/ duration of respiratory pathologies consistent with COVID-19 symptoms in Spanish populations. Research in Sports Medicine, 00(00), 1–12. http://doi.org/10.1080/15438627.2021.1937166

  1. I have said this from the beginning of covid. It’s a health problem not a virus problem. Obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise is the problem. But nobody is interested in it. Follow the money. Pharma companies and heart surgeons make a fortune off of unhealthy obese people. It’s business. If everyone was slim and fit these guys would be bankrupt. Like the maytag repairman.

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