Ketogenic Diet

Minding Your MCTs: Medium Cain Triglycerides and Monocarboxylate Transporters

by Mike Mutzel




MCTs–Monocarboxylate Transporters– May Help Us Better Understand The Connection to Exercise and Fasting :

Today at 5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM EST we’ll discuss the specific ways we can “increase” the activity of these special cellular transporters.

When the word “MCT” is used by low-carb, ketogenic diet enthusiasts—they’re usually referring to medium chain triglycerides.

You know, the short-chain ketogenic fats that you likely used in your coffee this morning.

However, that’s not the only MCT we should care about…

The other MCT, monocarboxylate transporters, are even more exciting than MCT oil/power. (At least I think so.)

Because without these MCT specialized transporters, exercise and the ketogenic diet would be nearly impossible….

If you find fasting and exercise challenging and want to learn tips to make going keto easier—tune in later today!

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  1. Every day I wake up meaning to exercise. But then I put everything else before exercise. I disappoint myself daily. I hear you that we need exercise, but I’m just saying it’s hard. Any tips on getting it done?

    • Hi there Janisse!

      I hear you–it can be hard to get in the rhythm.

      It’s best if you link doing the exercise with a goal that’s deeply important to you. Say healthy and available for your kids, grandkids or parents.

      Just think that by you exercising, you’re actually serving them. When you skip exercise…they’re not benefiting.

      Then, secondarily, befriend someone that’ll help hold you accountable and try to find the exercises that get you into a flow state.

      Those are just a few tips!



  2. Your live videos are nice. No complaints–they are a perfect way to get information you want to share quickly. I enjoy all your videos as well as your podcasts. You rock!

  3. I’ve watched a few of your face book replays and your presentations appear to be hurried and riddled with a bit of anxiety. I recognize you have launched a new pill company but you need to take a chill pill, I would suggest even to take a vacation. This rant starts without a truer reference and ends likewise as to why cellular function just isn’t happening and within 10 minutes you’re holding up a box of product that is supposedly some how going to save the day? Health nor life is about taking a pill for every ill and doing more exercise, unless that is your market venue. My suggestion is to take a step back and maybe a few deep breaths and listen to all this garble you just presented. Your presentation is like being stuck in the middle of a rabbit hole which has no opening and no exit and the solution is to buy this and exercise more. Trying to stick with ya but I’m wondering, has the lad lost his way? This may be a hard critique but it is for your own benefit.

    • Oh boy, where do I even start with this one?

      Am I bit anxious when over 200 people are live on my YouTube streams? Yes, a little. To I pretend that my lives are polished, practiced and rehearsed? Nope. I always qualify them with, “Hey guys…these are rough around the edges but I’m just excited to share this with you all.”

      Do I need a vacation? Likely.

      Did I, or do I ever, say the products or services I offer will, in your words, “…save the day?” No.

      At the end of the day, I can’t be everyone to everybody, so if my style doesn’t jive with you, please find someone else to listen to, Dave. There are plenty of other videos and podcast platforms out there.



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