1. A lot to unpack here!!!! But I’ll just stick with this:
    It is false (and dangerous) to assert that “everything is more nutritious raw”.
    Many foods are not only safer, but MORE nutritious when Gently cooked (the key is gently; ‘wet’ and slower cooking methods do Not produce carcinogens).
    Besides the obvious benefit of preventing foodborne illness (from animals OR plants) by killing harmful microbes & parasites, cooking absolutely:

    (1) Cooking can make inedible foods edible by neutralizing toxins found in the raw form. Plants produce these toxins as self-defense against herbivory. Examples: alkaloids found in raw potatoes, neurotoxins found in raw beans, cyanide found in raw cassava, urushiol in cashews, etc etc etc. Cooking enables us to eat a much wider variety of plants than we otherwise would eat!

    (2) Cooking renders potentially problematic or irritating foods less irritating. For example, NEVER eat beans al dente, as they contain several types of toxins. They must be tender. Lectins in many foods can trigger IBS in some people, and cooking can render them much less irritating.

    (3) Gentle cooking neutralizes goitrogens in raw cruciferous veggies.

    (4) Cooking renders some nutrients MORE bio-available, not only by breaking down the fiber and cell walls of the food to release nutrients & increase digestibility, but also by
    (a) neutralizing antinutrients such as phytates, which bind up the minerals in nuts, seeds and grains, making them inaccesible. Cooking (and soaking) helps de-activate the phytates, rendering the minerals more bioavailable.
    (b) releasing other nutrients as well. We get more A from cooked carrots than raw, and a lot more lycopene from cooked tomatoes than raw ones.

    So yes, eat tons of veggies! Just wash them very well, and eat some (maybe half) of them cooked. If a dry cooking method (such as roasting, which causes browning) is the only way your kids will eat veggies, then by all means roast them! The most dangerous thing is NO veggies at all.

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