ADHD and Autism

#229: John Dempster, ND: Advanced Thyroid and Autoimmune Testing

by Deanna Mutzel, DC


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Show Notes


02:07 Autoimmune disorders are more prevalent today. One of the reasons is due to improved diagnostics and we use them more often. There are over 200 autoimmune disorders identified. It takes more digging to find out the patient’s story.

03:41 The thyroid is often the target of our immune system because we are exposed to so many toxins, both exogenous and endogenous. This is the number one trigger. The generational accumulation of toxicity impacts our genes.

05:49 We inherit our genes. However, they are like light switches. We can turn them on or off. These triggers are events in our environment, our thoughts, our emotions, the foods we eat, and the microbes in our gut. If you have a familial history of a certain illness or condition, you can take your health under your own control and reduce your risk.

08:50 Beta hydroxybutyrate is a powerful epigenetic modulator, effecting DNA expression and stability.

09:12Being in ketosis helps all levels of inflammation and insulin control. Diets should always be customized to the individual. Dr. Dempster tests his patient’s nutrient levels for deficiencies, for toxic metals and for all hormones.

10:48 If a thyroid issue is suspected, Dr. Dempster performs 7 direct thyroid tests on his patients: free T3, free T4, TSH, anti-.TPO, antithyroglobulin, reverse T3 and TSI. Thyroid symptoms are not always from thyroid issues. Inflammation from food intolerance may be a culprit.

12:12 It is imperative that your doctor look at the gut as a form of diagnostics and treatment, if there is autoimmunity suggested. Dr. Dempster focuses on toxic metals, food sensitivities/intolerances, and suspected autoimmune condition with the gut.

13:10 Chelation of metals is not right or necessary for everyone. Exposure comes from dental work, industry, food, seafood/fish, paint, and air quality.  People with gut issues, like yeast overgrowth or mold, have a harder time removing metals from their bodies. Elimination pathways need to be working well, or a chelating person may become even sicker.

19:09 There is no perfect food test. Sometimes reactions are delayed by up to 2 weeks. IGG is a delayed reaction, one of many reactions. IGG testing done at a reputable lab is accurate, but there can still be false positives.

21:28 When symptoms abate, it may be time to reintroduce foods, especially health promoting ones.  Sometimes retesting is done between 6 and 12 months.

22:58 Intestinal permeability, stool analysis and other gut testing is done on all of Dr. Dempster’s patients with chronic disease. It provides a customized roadmap of what is going on in the body.

24:56 If you suspect autoimmunity with gut issues, like Hashimoto’s, you need to  look at all of your major organs, inflammatory markers (hs-CRP), do the 7 thyroid tests, do a micronutrient analysis and core hormone panel. The Dutch test is the most comprehensive hormone test.  It looks beyond hormones to metabolites.

27:33 Adrenal fatigue may be a way your body compensates for systemic inflammation. Adrenals are stress glands. Beyond our daily stress, inflammatory foods and imbalances of our microbiome create stress and drain our energy reserves. Take a break and establish your priorities.

31:51 Dr. Dempster is about to launch an online mental wellness community. You have to be able to talk, feel loved, and feel supported and accepted. Community impacts our microbiome and health.

33:18 Dr. Dempster’s Morning Routine: Early morning is daddy-daughter time. He eats breakfast with his wife and daughter. Every day he writes or says 3 things for which he is grateful. He also does affirmations each morning. He walks to work every day. Get outside. Get active.

34:55 Dr. Dempster’s single favorite exercise is pushups, but not everyone can do that. Walking is something everyone can do. It connects you to the earth. Barefoot on grass is best.

36:12 Dr. Dempster’s favorite nutrient is turmeric/curcumin for its gut and overall healing effect. Cook with it. Look to nature. Supplements do not replace eating real food.

37:15 Dr. Dempster’s elevator pitch is that we should have policy that reduces sugar that our children consume at school. We should have some way to reduce refined sugars in our foods across the board.