Joe Rogan Beats COVID in Three Days, The Media Has a Meltdown

by Mike Mutzel

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We review top news this week from outbreaks in Israel, new findings about transmission dynamics in vaccinated subjects and the media’s response to Joe Rogan crediting Ivermectin as part of his protocol in successfully overcoming COVID in just three days.



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  1. Mate, I’ve been following your work for quite some time now and one thing I came across (and I don’t remember you mentioned) is blood donations and increase of antibodies. A person I know got Covid last year and after he got through he decided he’d go for regular (monthly) antibodies testings – just to see how things are. He’s also a blood doner … the fun thing is that the number of his antibodies is increasing!

    It might be an interesting route to follow to see if there’s something to it or just coincidence.

    All the best!

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