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Iodine Benefits Beyond Your Thyroid and Are Safety Concerns with Autoimmunity Valid?

by Mike Mutzel


Iodine is an essential micronutrients required for a variety of biologic functions and is central to overall cellular energy production, metabolic rate, growth and development, neurodevelopment, and preventing goiter.


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00:30 Your body contains 20 to 25 mg of iodine. It is in your food. You may be sensitive to a component of iodinated contrast.

01:11 Iodine is required for a variety of biologic functions, including making thyroid hormone. It is central to overall cellular energy production, metabolic rate, growth and development, neurodevelopment, and goiter.

02:00 When you ingest iodine, there is an increase in TSH (thyroid signaling hormone), a pituitary hormone that triggers the increase in production of the TPO enzyme, thyroid peroxidase. It creates oxidative stress in the process of iodinating tyrosine to make thyroid hormone.

02:52 In T3 and T4, the T sands for tyrosine, an amino acid. The number indicates how many iodine molecules have been iodinated on the amino acid tyrosine.

03:22 TPO makes tyrosine and free radicals. You have glutathione peroxidase and other antioxidants in your thyroid gland. However, these natural antioxidants depend upon selenium.

04:30 Neutralizing free radicals is dependent upon selenium. A selenium deficiency may be the cause of a reaction to supplementation with iodine, not the iodine itself.

05:00 If you are going to take high doses of iodine, 12.5 mg or more, increase your selenium intake to 2 to 4 mcg and increase N-acetyl cysteine.

06:30 Iodine is important for cognition and growth, important for children. Liquid iodine makes it easier to titrate the dose.

07:00 Iodine can be used for water purification. Iodine is in the halogen family (chlorine, bromine, fluoride), but is more healthful.

08:00 If you are vegan, vegetarian, you eat a lot of brassica foods (soy, wheat, millet, cassava) or smoke cigarettes, you are exposed to higher levels of goitrogens. Goitrogens are compounds that directly or indirectly antagonize the absorption and utilization of iodine.

09:05 Halogens are in your bloodstream from your environment. They antagonize iodine. Swimming in a chlorinated pool displaces iodine in your body. Fluoride is found everywhere in your life, including flame retardants in your clothing and furniture. It accumulates in your fat tissue. Filter your home and drinking water.

12:40 In children, there is substantial evidence that iodine supports IQ, mental acuity.

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