Intermittent Fasting, Autophagy for Weight Loss and Insulin Resistance

by Mike Mutzel


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For many, Sundays are consumed with  “meal prepping” and fretting over what to eat and when. By fasting on Monday, you can focus on more important stuff—like growing your business, planning family activities and personal development.

Research shows that fasting heightens alertness though increasing wake-promoting neurotransmitters (orexin-A, norepinephrine, etc…), so you can save money by not having to buy as much coffee ☕️, too.

On Metabolic Mondays, we can collectively serve as “group accountability partners,” —because that damn refrigerator is always begging to be opened!


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If you need some inspiration to make intermittent fasting a consistent part of your life and/or just want to kick-start your week on a higher level—fast as a team from Sunday @ 6:00 PM to Monday @ 6:00 PM. (If you’re a real bad ass then go until 6:00 AM Tuesday, but if your lifting weights 🏋🏼‍♀️ consistency and relatively lean—this can be more challenging, but is still do-able.)

Many folks are doing periodic five day fasts here and there—hats off for doing that. (After three days I have trouble sleeping.)

However, my thoughts are that a consistent 24+ hour fast every week is sustainable for a longer period of time—including athletes—with minimal downside. (e.g. post-fast weight regain, refeeding syndrome etc…) After one year, if done regularly, you’ve spent 52 days or ~ 15% of your life in a fasted state. (Animal model research suggests that ~ 20% reduction in calories decreases the incidence of cancer and chronic diseases—but who wants to chronically live in a calorie-deficit??) Needless to say continued energy restriction has suppressive effects on your metabolic rate—but IF doesn’t.

Consistency wins in most domains of life, can’t see why fasting would be exempt!

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