Fat Loss

How to Burn Body Fat: Lipolysis Explained

by Mike Mutzel





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Studies Mentioned:

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Rydén, M., Petrus, P., Andersson, D. P., Medina Gómez, G., Escasany, E., Corrales Cordón, P., et al. (2019). Insulin action is severely impaired in adipocytes of apparently healthy overweight and obese subjects. Journal of Internal Medicine, 285(5), 578–588. 


  1. Mike, you are so right to remind us: Context, context, context!
    Also, the marker colors were fine for me. It was the way the light hit the white board that made it an eeny bit harder to read your notes/diagram.

  2. Great video Mike!! Thanks for all you do. I’m really interested in learning more about adipose tissue hypoxia. In which others videos or podcast do you talk about it? I would like to go listen to them. Thanks.

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