High Belly Fat and Blood Pressure Linked with Reduced Vaccine Effectiveness, Study Finds

by Mike Mutzel


Scientists in Italy recently discovered individuals with higher waist circumference and elevated blood pressure had reduced levels of antibodies for SARS-COV-2 virus after their two-dose immunization. We discuss this study and the CDC's recent report noting vaccine effectiveness (VE) has declined from 91% to just 66% in recent months as motivation to include nutrition and healthy living into the “staying safe” conversation!



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Time Stamps:


00:15 Individuals with a higher waist circumference had a reduced level of antibodies for SARS/COVI2 virus, in a study of European healthcare workers.

00:35 Vaccine effectiveness has gone down from 91% to now 66%, according to the CDC’s Morbidity, Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

01:40 Central obesity, smoking habit, and hypertension are associated with lower antibody titers in response to COVID 19 MRNA vaccine (Pfizer). This is from a study of 86 healthcare workers in Italy. (Watanabe et al 2021)

02:35 Antibody titers will naturally go down after any immunization.

02:50 T-Cell immunity may last longer than antibodies. Both are part of your adaptive immune system.

03:35 Your metabolic and immune health impact your body’s immune response to any immunization.

04:40 Between 20% and 30% of normal weight people are metabolically obese. 63% of study participants had normal weight, but 60% had an obese waist circumference.

05:35 Patients with higher waist circumference had significantly lower SARS COVI2 antibody titers. Obesity, defined as a BMI greater than 30 kilograms/meter squared, was not associated with lower SARS/COVI2 antibody titers. It was specifically related to the quantity of fat and waist circumference.

06:50 Smoking and high blood pressure are linked to a sub-optimal immune response to immunization.

07:50 We need to exercise. Pre-outbreak, only 30% of adults met physical activity requirements and 25% of children met their daily and weekly energy expenditure and physical activity requirements.

11:10 If you want to get the protective effects of immunizations, you need to be getting exercise, eating real food, managing your stress, and prioritizing sleep.

11:45 Hypertension is linked to an inappropriate response to vaccinations and may have a common root to a dysfunctional immune system. It is linked to worse COVID19 outcomes.

12:15 High blood pressure is an immune stressor.

12:35 Sleep is one of the best things you can do for blood pressure. Exercise is the second next best thing for blood pressure. Try doing 3 each 10-minute walks per day.

14:11 Age and smoking predict lower antibody titers at the 3 months after second dose. There were higher antibody titers in women than men.

15:15 Smoking cessation before vaccination may improve individual vaccine efficacy.

17:10 Delta variant infections were higher in the fully vaccinated study participants.



(Watanabe et al 2021) Watanabe, M., Balena, A., Tuccinardi, D., Tozzi, R., Risi, R., Masi, D., et al. 2021 . Central obesity, smoking habit, and hypertension are associated with lower antibody titres in response to COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews, e3465.

Fowlkes, A. (2021). Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Frontline Workers Before and During B. 1.617. 2 (Delta) Variant …. Cdc.Gov

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