Fat Loss Strategies That Actually Work + Protein Targets for Muscle | Alan Aargon

by Mike Mutzel


Alan Aargon is a sought after nutrition researcher and educator. He shares methods to lose body fat and sustainably keep it off with nutrition and exercise.



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01:55 Get sun in your eyes within 20 minutes of waking to kickstart and entrain your circadian rhythm.

02:55 The ideal morning includes movement, grounding, and breathwork. You can change your state by altering the way that you breathe. Running is breathwork.

06:55 You can alter your blood pressure with 6 deep breaths.

08:10 Bowel movements help remove toxins, spent hormones, and other waste. Bowel movements are easier after breath work and movement. Your GI tract has a circadian rhythm.

14:52 Workout fasted or supplemented? Mike says – do what helps you have the best workout. Creating an oxygen debt and hypertrophy through exercise is more important than metabolic debt or stress.  Women are more prone to overindulging in the post exercise window compared to men.

17:53 For fat burning, morning training would best have resistance training and some HIIT woven in.

20:20 Looking up into the early morning sun stimulates neurological tissue to induce an energizing feeling. Looking down suggest to your physiology that it is time to rest.

21:35 Scanning the horizon can support unwinding stress. Focused vision is more of an upregulation of your nervous system.

26:30 As with animals, we innately know how much sun to get, how much water to drink and more. How does it feel?

29:25 Space travel, out of gravity, causes rapid ageing. Bones lose density. You lose muscle mass. You gain fat. Astronaut’s resistance training reduces the deleterious effects of zero gravity.

31:00 Integrate fitness into who you are. Allow nature in. We compartmentalize healthy practices.

32:50 Moving your muscles through the day, tells your muscles that you are active, helping with blood sugar regulation, fat oxidation, and help move the lymphatic system.

34:30 Having strong relationships trumps all health factors.

36:25 People who have suicidal ideations, have accelerated biologic age compared to those who do not.

38:03 Negative perspectives on ageing when you are young are linked to about 2x the risk of cardiovascular disease and more, when you are in your 60s.

41:00 If you believe that a food is good for you, it will be better for you.

42:40 Cold exposure is part of an ideal morning. As you age, the intensity and rhythmicity and amplitude of your circadian rhythm is muted. Your body is coldest in the morning, so cold exposure in the morning amplifies this. Even a few second of cold shower works. Temperature is an important external cue.

44:50 Eat earlier, not within 3 hours of going to bed. This helps prevent weight gain and helps ensure better sleep.

45:50 Watching the sun set helps your circadian rhythm.

46:28 Avoid light over 50 lux within the 90 minutes before bed. You can order a light meter or use an app on your phone. Seconds of exposure to brighter light can suppress the amount of melatonin you release in your brain.

48:03 Full spectrum rays of the sun penetrating the eyes can change the shape and structure of the eye.

50:30 Reduce your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. Avoid anything with a fragrance. Filter your water. Atrazine, used in agriculture, is linked to gender dysphoria, and feminizing of males.  Chemical sources are water, chemicals, skin products, household products, and flame retardants. Open your windows. Dust your house regularly.

59:15 Cellphones close to lymphatic tissue in the breast or groin is linked with increased prevalence of cancer.

01:00:05 Light Before Bed: Wear blue light blocking glasses before bed. A walk after a meal stimulates digestion and mitigates the rise in glucose. Ensure that your bedroom is dark and cold. In the hour and minutes before bed, keep your lux to under 5.

01:02:20 Spending time on the ground in various postures, as your ancestors did, is a natural tuning mechanism for your body. The rough hard ground is a form of myofascial release. Get up and down.

01:09:30 Position on a toilet does not promote a healthy bowel movement.  In a deep squat, the anal-rectal angle opens.

01:15:10 Get hot before bed. Do sauna or take a hot bath so you cool down before bed.

01:16:03 How you breathe during sleep influences the quality of your sleep. Mouth tape during sleep. Do it before bed to get used to it during sleep.

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