Exercise Decreases Risk of Being Infected, Having Severe Illness and Even Dying, Scientists Find

by Mike Mutzel

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A study involving 100,000 subjects demonstrated the importance of exercise and physical activity in decreasing the risk of infectivity, severity and mortality of COVID-19



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  1. Yup. I have been working from home since March 2020 so no commuting on my single speed. Also we are at lockdown 6.0 with a 5km radius making it yet again difficult to ride my bike. I am used to regular 100km rides. It’s so sad that Australia too has zero health promotion activities and is curtailing those who do try and exercise and be healthy. The obsfucation around what helps regarding COVID just points to big pharma having control of the politics and us being pushed to have a poorly tested vaccine that both doesn’t stop transmission or infection. So rather than something more promising like ivermectin being promoted (sorry it’s out of patent) this is the answer. I despair

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