Blood Sugar

Elevated Blood Glucose is an Independent Predictor for Mortality and Complications in Patients with COVID-19

by Mike Mutzel


Over the weekend, another study published the connection between blood sugar issues and increased disease severity among individuals infected with The Virus.

This illustrates the story quite well: only 10% of subjects with low fasting glucose upon hospital admission ended up succumbing to the virus compared to over 30% of subjects who had high fasting glucose (above 7 mmol/L).



Fasting blood glucose at admission is an independent predictor for 28-day mortality in patients with COVID-19




Similarly, only one in four patients with low fasting glucose had severe complications compared to 58% of patients who had elevated glucose.



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Supporting healthy glucose metabolism doesn’t obviate the need to wear a face mask, but the data in multiple studies is quite clear: tighter blood sugar control translates into better outcomes for those infected with the disease.



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