Diabetes Starts in Your Legs! Leg Workout Ideas to Stay Strong as You Age

by Mike Mutzel


Your glutes should be the largest and strongest muscles in your body—for many individuals, they’re atrophied and saggy. Learn new ways to get stronger and more fit legs and glutes as you age using these simple exercises.




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Episode Time Stamps:

00:23 Almost 60% of women’s muscles are in the lower body.

00:40 Bands do not build your legs and glutes.

00:55 Squats: Front squats are good for the quads. Hang your glutes.


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02:30 Bands can help protect injured hips, knee and back when doing squats.

04:20 Squats and deadlifts are the top exercises you should do for your lower body, in Mike’s opinion.

04:35 Deadlift: Drive from the glutes.  A goblet style deadlift is the second-best exercise, especially if you have limitations.

06:50 Hip thrust drives hips up with the glutes. The gluteus maximus is largest muscle in your body. Hip thrusts should be done weekly.

09:40 Schematics for Mike’s hip thrust device are available to MyoXcience customers.

11:10 Leg Press: Angles make a big difference. You can target muscles and not have to load your spine.

13:10 Reverse Hyper: It targets your glutes, hamstrings, and posterior chain, without loading up your spine.

15:00 Hamstring/Glute-focused Hyperextension: It intensely targets your glutes.

17:10 Terminal Knee Extension: It works your glutes and hams and activates the front of your quads. It is a finisher.

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