Creatine Supports Muscle Growth and Exercise Performance in Hot Environments

by Mike Mutzel


Let's discuss how creatine supports muscle health and may boost athletic performance in hot weather by preventing dehydration.



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Studies Mentioned:

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Time Stamps:

02:00 Creatine draws water into cells.

04:00 Creatine and the phosphagen system are an ATP buffer for short term high intensity activities.

05:10 High intensity activities utilize creatine.

06:10 Creatine helps with the resynthesis of ATP during short duration high intensity exercise.

06:45 Hydration and plasma volume improves with creatine.

08:45 Creatine was discovered in 1835 in meat.

09:00 Creatine is stored in the placenta and impacts female hormones.

12:11 Renal function is not negatively impacted by creatine.

14:00 Creatine is osmotically active and alters body fluid dynamics.

14:40 Two to 5 grams per day around exercise should be sufficient.

15:10 Creatine does not promote muscle cramps or dehydration.

16:00 It does not hinder thermal regulation.

19:30 Creatine increases intracellular, extracellular, and total body water.

20:10 Creatine is associated with increased power and output.

21:00 Pediatric patients with systemic Lupus and muscular dystrophy improved with creatine.

21:45 Creatine may enhance the anabolic environment from resistance training.

23:00 Hair loss was indicated in one creatine study, but the cause was not explored.

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