Blood Sugar

Carbs Not Only Thing That Raise Insulin

by Mike Mutzel



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Just thinking about eating ‘spikes’ insulin! But before you freak out and get scared, let’s review why this is actually a GOOD thing. For starters, I’m going live at 12:30 PST today to dive into this cephalic phase of digestion topic in greater depth. So join in if you’re interested. So unless your eating pure fat, insulin will likely rise in the post meal window. (Even consuming grass fed meat and pasture eggs raise insulin, pals.) Insulin isn’t the devil, but if you’re used to eating at the same time every day and try intermittent fasting and feel weak, it could be because your body’s condition to pre-release insulin prior to your normally scheduled meal. And when you don’t eat as normally planned, well your glucose could be lower and hence you’ll feel weak, shaky and lethargic. Knowing this may help you transition to more compressed feeding windows. Fun nerdy stuff! More to come on the livestream later today 🔥🙏🏽. #insulin #glucose #fasting #intermittentfasting #keto #timerestrictedeating #bloodglucose #fatloss

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