Breath Work as a Stress Reduction Tool w/ Josh Trent

by Mike Mutzel



Key Takeaways:

03:39 Breath is the only autonomic lever that we control that can change our state and mitigate stress.

03:54 When we control our hypoxia or super oxygenation it shifts the nervous system. Hormone cascades happen from internal or external stress. We can mitigate this stress with our breath.

04:36 You were built to breathe using your diaphragm. Our forward flex culture makes us upper chest breathers. Most of us do not breathe as designed.

05:06 When you expand your diaphragm, it pushes on the vagal nerve. With 20 to 30 breaths through the diaphragm, in through the nose and out through the mouth, it cues the vagal tone into the parasympathetic.

07:00 Soma breath by Niraj Naik has been shown to impact healing, wellbeing and weight loss.

07:43 Breath retention: After a long period of inhales and exhales through the mouth and nose at the same time. Get as much oxygen in and as much breath out to super oxygenate your system. Then pull in your perineum and pull in your core musculature during the breath retention. This enables you to train your nervous system to be calm under pressure. It is a stress mitigator applicable in any situation.

09:02 It is okay to feel the stress, but it does not need to lead us though life. The longer you can do the hold and still be calm, the more energizing it is to let the breath out and breathe normally again.

09:21 Holding the perineum and core musculature appears to have its own energetic lock.

11:51 2-7-8 is 2 seconds in through you nose filling your diaphragm, hold for 7 seconds and breathe out the stress for 8 seconds. This has been proven to give a performance boost.

13:00 Journey breathing brings catharsis and emotional release. It is guided and should be done with a trained guide.

14:43 Animals use breath and a shake as a stress reduction tool.

15:11 Your lungs have been shown to produce nature DMT states in the body through hypoxia training. Josh believes that there is a longevity component to breath work.

16:08 Mike and Josh did 21 warrior breaths, followed by tactical breathing or box breathing. It is a 5 second hold on the exhale, 5 seconds in on the inhale, 5 seconds hold and then a 5 second exhale. This was followed by breath retention.

23:48 Digestion starts with your parasympathetic tone. Six deep breaths in/out the nose has been scientifically shown to push you into the parasympathetic.

25:43 Try breath work before meditation. In Josh’s free M21 Guide, you are guided to make your bed, hydrate with lemon, salt and water, do breath work and then do meditation.

32:40 The recent interview with Dan Burle’ on breath rocked Josh’s world.

33:55 The truth/authenticity inside is can be scary, so we use coping mechanisms which do not bring us the peace that truth can.

35:58 Be intentional instead of mindless about what you are eating and drinking. Electronics have enslaved our limbic system with constant novelty.

40:40 Breath work with fasting can be more impactful and intense.  Vision quests can be aided or done with just water, quiet and breath work.

45:46 Intelligence has less to do with how much you know and more to do with your ability to gather information, apply that information and embody it.


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