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Fluoride in Water Lowers IQ, Mouth Taping for Sleep & Brain Health w/ Dr. Staci Whitman, DDS

by Mike Mutzel


Dr. Staci Whitman, DDS discusses the importance of nose breathing, harms linked with fluoride in water and ways to support dental health for your whole body.

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03:48 Up to 90% of children have some dysregulated breathing. People with sleep apnea are misdiagnosed or missed 80% of the time.

04:35 Start early in a child’s life to address oxygen deprivation to optimize growth and development, hormone development, and behavioral issues as they get older.

05:45 We aren’t chewing enough. Form follows function. Your ancestors chewed up to 4 hours per day.

06:40 Breastfeeding creates optimal craniofacial respiratory development. How your face and jaw grow effects how you breathe.

07:30 Make sure children eat real whole crunchy chewy foods like meats and vegetables, rather than processed foods.

07:40 Our jaws are shrinking, causing bite issues, crowding, and orthodontic issues. This affects how we breathe and sleep.

08:00 Not getting deep Stage 3 sleep causes us to not get hormone release, causes growth discrepancies, immune function issues, and can lead to behavioral issues.

08:25 If your child is showing behavioral issues, have an airway and sleep screening done.

09:12 For adults myofunctional therapy and Rebreathing therapy, along with orthodontics can be helpful. Can you or your child breathe comfortably through the nose for 3 minutes. If not, there may be a structural issue and need to see an ENT.

11:00 Your tongue should suction up to the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth. That starts in utero and causes your face to expand.

12:05 Change the structure rather than have surgery. Orthodontics can start at age 2 or 3 to change growth patterns.

13:20 Suboptimal breathing causes suboptimal health. It affects your microbiome. Oxygen is your most critical nutrient.

14:20 Start with the books Sleep-Wrecked Kids and, for you, Breath by James Master, and Jaws by Sandra Kahn.

16:04 Chronic mouth breathing in adults can increase cavity risk. It changes the pH of your mouth and your oral microbiome, thus changing your gut microbiome, which impacts your immune health and how you are absorbing nutrients. It also impacts sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, and erectile dysfunction. Humans are meant to be nasal breathing. All animals breathe through their noses.

17:44 Any amount of snoring is abnormal in babies, children, and adults, unless you are sick. Common does not mean normal.

19:00 Chronic sleep obstruction overdrives your fight/flight and anxiety. You are pulled out of deeper sleep stages more easily.

19:50 Use a sleep tracker. Unless you monitor your sleep cycles, you don’t know. What is the quality of your/your child’s sleep?

20:30 Sleep studies for children are not very accurate. They only look for sleep apnea. Observe your child sleeping.

22:15 You can see sleep deprivation in children’s faces. It is the allergic look: droopy eyes where you can see more whites under the iris. Dark circles have to do with inflammation and blood flow, which is impacted by nitric oxide.

23:50 Fluoride is a neurotoxin.  Fluoride was added to drinking water based on observation of a Colorado dentist in the 1940s. Now, over 70 studies show that too much fluoride during infancy, pregnancy, and early childhood impacts the IQ of children and their neurodevelopment. It is on par with lead. Fluoride in drinking water is mass medicating without their consent. Fluoride works topically.

27:54 The root cause of cavities is what we eat and how we breathe.

28:13 Hydroxyapatite is effective for re-mineralizing your teeth. It is what makes up tooth enamel and bone. It is safe to swallow. It is safe to use with children. Nano hydroxyapatite is available in some toothpastes.

30:45 Cavities are a bacterial infection. They are the number one global chronic disease, especially in children, even with fluoride. Cavity rates are dropping, whether the water is fluoridated or not. Under mineralized enamel could be from deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin D, or gut imbalances.

38:15 Mouth breathing drops your oral pH into an acidic environment, a better home for pathogenic bacteria. Saliva protects your teeth. A dry mouth promotes cavities.

39:00 Your oral microbiome feeds your gut microbiome. Gut nutrient absorption feeds the saliva.

40:30 Leaky gums: If you have periodontal disease, your risk of Alzheimer’s increases by 80%. Bacteria from your mouth enter your bloodstream, can travel your nervous system, and can pass through the blood brain barrier.

41:30 Mouth is a gateway into your body. Your dentist may see nutritional imbalances, deficiencies in zinc, vitamin C, and B vitamin, gut health, hydration levels, diabetes, and protein deficiencies. Cavities can be a sign of imbalances or deficiencies.

42:25 Oral health impacts: Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction, fertility in both men and women.

47:35 Oral spirochetes may require antibiotic treatment. There are oral microbiome tests.

48:40 Ozone helps with periodontal disease, gum disease, and cavities.

50:10 Many dental protocols have come from insurance companies.  Anaerobic oral bacteria love fermentable carbohydrates.

51:52 Kombucha contains a lot of sugar, and it is acidic. Don’t sip it. Don’t drink a lot or often. Use a straw. Don’t suck on lemons. A baking soda rinse will neutralize the acids and can help with candida. Candida is linked to cavities.

55:00 Children whose mothers were vegetarian or vegan while pregnant will likely have under-mineralized enamel and deficiencies.  This is worse if they are being raised vegan as children.

58:10 Tongue scraping removes bacteria and food particles from your tongue. It improves how you taste food. Nitrate producing bacterium on your tongue are important for nitric oxide production, so don’t overdo your tongue scraping.

59:05 Floss. 30% of your tooth surface is between your teeth. You will be healthier. Water flossers work well. Try using some baking soda in your water flosser. Skip the antiseptic mouthwash.

59:25 Leaky gums are where your gums bleed, making them a pathway for bacteria in your mouth to get into your bloodstream and your lymphatic system. Your gums are an immune barrier.

01:04:27 Bentonite clay benefits remineralization and your microbiome. It can be a mild abrasive. It can remove stains. It can be used daily. Be careful with charcoal, as it can be overly abrasive.

01:07:45 Bioplastics contain petroleum-based plastics. It breaks down quickly and releases microplastics.

01:09:10 Floss children’s teeth with a floss pick. Start flossing kid’s teeth at about 2 or 2 ½.


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