Blue Blockers for Kids Your: Child’s Eyes Are More Susceptible to Blue Light

by Mike Mutzel




Products That We've Tested and Found Helpful

BluBlox is always pushing the envelop with their sleep enhancing tools. They just launched this new portable red-light therapy device that's amazing; in addition to their sleep mask and blue light filtering glasses.

Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids:

New Portable Red Light Therapy Device:

Best Sleep Mask:


Related Study:

Akacem, L., Wright, K., LeBourgeois, M. (2016). Bedtime and evening light exposure influence circadian timing in preschool-age children: A field study Neurobiology of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms 1(2), 27-31.  


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Melatonin is suppressed by over 90 percent in children after just one hour of light exposure in the evening.

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Related: a new sleep enhancing lightbulb

BLUBlox has created an amazing new light bulb that's removed all blue and green light between 400-580nm, plus they're flicker-free. These Lumi Light Bulbs are really impressive. 




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