2 New Studies Claim Intermittent Fasting Is Pointless, Here’s a Deeper Dive

by Mike Mutzel

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Two recently published studies have been used by skeptics to claim fasting is pointless.

“You can stop intermittent fasting now,” one sensational headline wrote.

In short, these two studies didn’t find significant weight loss differences between the intermittent fasting versus calorie restriction groups.However, there were between-group differences in other important metrics, like glucose, triglycerides and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown:



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Study Mentioned:

Liu, D., Huang, Y., Huang, C., Yang, S., of, X. W. E. J.. (2022). Calorie restriction with or without time-restricted eating in weight loss. The New England Journal of Medicine.

Thomas, E. A., Zaman, A., Sloggett, K. J., Steinke, S., Grau, L., Catenacci, V. A., et al. (2022). Early time-restricted eating compared with daily caloric restriction: A randomized trial in adults with obesity. Obesity, 30(5), 1027–1038.

More About this Episode:

00:45 A year-long TRF study compared caloric restriction with caloric restriction within an early time restricted window of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Compliance may have been an issue.

02:05 There was a greater reduction in triglycerides and other proxies of metabolic health early in the study.

04:00 When you eat your last meal is independently correlated with bodyfat percentage. Complete your last meal before 6 hours of the mid-point of your sleep.

05:00 Exercise with time restricted feeding protocols enhance the health benefits.

06:20 Metabolic rate was significantly reduced in participants who continuously restricted their energy intake compared to alternate day fasting participants.

08:55 The study calorie restriction/IF with calorie restriction was conducted during COVID, so some follow up tests were not done.

10:26 This study did not allow participants to select their eating window.

12:53 Fasting may be an easier way for many to get into an energy deficit for weight loss.

14:15 There was a more significant reduction in blood triglycerides in the IF group.

16:05 We need to consider other changes in metabolic parameters, reduction in triglycerides, as well as changes in body composition in study results.

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