Weak Muscles Linked with Accelerated Rate of Biological Aging

by Mike Mutzel


A fascinating new study finds strength is inversely correlated with rate of biological aging.



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Studies Mentioned:

Peterson, M. D., Collins, S., Meier, H. C. S., Brahmsteadt, A. & Faul, J. D. Grip strength is inversely associated with DNA methylation age acceleration. J. Cachexia, Sarcopenia Muscle 14, 108–115 (2023).

Time Stamps:

00:00 Grip strength correlates to a slowing of biologic age acceleration.

01:10 Low grip strength is linked to an increased acceleration of biologic age.

01:20 Negative mindset about aging is linked with accelerated aging.

02:20 Low grip strength relates to diabetes, physical disability, cognitive decline, and early all-cause mortality.

02:40 Grip strength is a way to approximate whole body strength.

06:45 Low grip strength is associated with DNA aging acceleration.

07:00 Inflammaging is a significant risk factor for morbidity and mortality.

08:00 Osteosarcopenic obesity is the link between muscle loss, fat gain, and metabolic health.

08:40 Chronic inflammation is associated with lower grip strength.

10:00 Prioritize resistance training.

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