Vitamins D & K Plus Nasal Breathing for Deeper Sleep, Better Airway Health and Beyond with Holistic Dentist Joel Gould, DDS

by Mike Mutzel

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Joel Gould, DDS shares a wealth of information on topics ranging from vitamin D, airway health, mitochondria function to deuterium and its impact on your health.




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07:15 Vitamin D bolsters your immune system. Dr. Gould’s Crohn’s disease was reversed by raising vitamin D levels.  Medications to control autoimmune disease dampen your immune system. A suppressed immune system creates an environment for cancer.

09:50 Pediatric sleep apnea symptoms: teeth clinching and grinding at night, snoring, poor behavior, ADHD, bed wetting. The number of children with sleep apnea is increasing rapidly, even in thin kids. Dr. Gould refers all patients between ages 6 and 8 to an orthodontist for an airway assessment.

11:30 Vitamin D3/K2 deficiency addressed early in growth can affect jaw growth and airway development. A wide pallet is needed for nasal breathing. Calcium is needed for proper jaw growth.

12:30 You can change the trajectory of your child’s life by understanding vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, and sulfur. These deficiencies are at the heart of 80% of the illnesses that we see today, including heart disease, autoimmunity, and sleep disorders.

13:45 Good vitamin D levels: end of winter 30 and end of summer 100. The ideal value has been oddly shifted to 20 to 50. The concern over very high vitamin D levels is hypercalcemia, but that is rare.

15:45 Vitamin D is one of the most important hormones in your body.

16:17 If you won’t drink it, don’t put it on your skin. Sunscreens of beef tallow and coconut oil could be used. If necessary, Dr. Gould uses zinc oxide.

16:50 Cellular melatonin depends on sun exposure.

17:15 Complete sun avoidance raises your risk of melanoma. If melanoma was caused by excessive sun, we would see it on the nose, on the lower lip, on the ears and on the head, but we don’t see that.

20:40 We are made of 20 amino acids. We are structurally made of 5 elements: carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur. Hydrogen is everywhere in your body and is a cap on the end of every carbon.

22:10 Hydrogen has 3 isotopes: protium, deuterium, and tritium. Deuterium is heavy. Enzymes perform reactions in your body. Enzymes are amino acids strung together and folded. Deuterium puts a kink in enzymes and slows them.

25:00 Water is polar.  Electrons spend more time orbiting the oxygen setting up a positive and negative charge. This helps to fold your enzymes.

26:40 As you age, the more deuterium builds in your body. It is related to free radicals. All water has a percentage of deuterium. Rainfall along the coast has more deuterium.

28:20 The lower the deuterium in your food the healthier it is for you. Greens, coconut oil, and grass-fed organic beef tallow has lower deuterium. Starchy foods have higher deuterium.

29:50 Fasting allows the mitochondria electron transport chain to create enzymes in deuterium depleted water. They will be faster functioning and healthier.

30:00 Sugary foods are loaded with deuterium, as are foods treated with glyphosate.

31:00 Glyphosate and deuterium destroy your mitochondria’s ability to generate high levels of electron flow.  Your enzymes were not designed to deal with deuterium.

31:30 The Krebs cycle is 10 enzymatic steps. Each step is a dehydration step removing deuterium, replacing it with a hydrogen.

32:00 When your deuterium levels are high, your cell will want to replicate. Higher levels in children are generally okay. As you age, you want lower deuterium levels.

32:40 Being in the sun, intermittent fasting, and eating ketogenic/high fat quality foods depletes deuterium.

33:10 Your body is constantly excreting deuterium through your breath, sweat, and other bodily waste. There is more deuterium in your blood than calcium.

33:30 We evolved from plants. Plants needed a sturdier fat to go into the cell membrane so they could become mobile. That was cholesterol. It changed the fluidity of cell membranes. Your body needs cholesterol to repair itself.

34:40 Plants needed a new source vitamins and minerals since they were no longer rooted in the soil. Fungi and bacteria provide bioavailable vitamins and minerals to plants. That microbiome is now in our guts.

35:10 Glyphosate poisons the soil and our gut microbiome. It ties up your minerals.

35:30 Mitochondria came into existence as a light sensing bacterium which was engulfed by another bacteria. Single cell organisms use fermentation, which does not provide much energy.

36:10 Deuterium is twice the weight of hydrogen, so it breaks or slows the mitochondrial rotor.

38:15 People with cancer slow the progression of their cancer when they drink deuterium-depleted water. Less deuterium means slower cell replication.

40:30 Cancer is a metabolic disease. Cells that do not have functional mitochondria get sick. If autophagy cannot destroy them, they grow out of control. Autophagy requires a certain level of vitamin D to function. Vitamin D helps make the enzymes that repair DNA.

45:30 Water your body produces is preferred by your body for reactions.

50:30 Deuterium-rich foods: flour, carbohydrates, starches. Deuterium makes your collogen stronger.

52:30 Sleep apnea syndrome comes from the gut microbiome, which is regulated by vitamin D. Low vitamin D means low B vitamins. Pantothenic acid (B5) deficiency is at the root cause of insomnia and sleep apnea. B5 is a precursor to acetylcholine, the primary neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic nervous system.

55:10 We are omnivores. Humans were not designed to eat grass. Ruminants (cow, sheep, goats) are the foods lowest in deuterium.

59:30 The enzymes that make vitamin D active are destroyed by glyphosate. Glyphosate is an imposter for glycine.

01:03:00 Seed oils are from plants high in deuterium and are generally GMO, grown with glyphosate. Seed oils get into our mitochondria and cell membranes.

01:08:00 In Dr. Gould’s opinion, cardiovascular disease is caused by deficiencies in vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, and sulfur.


  1. Hi! I love this podcast! We offer airway solutions as well at our dental office. I understand you just released this podcast but if you are in need of an additional airway-focused dentist, Dr. Kevin Schwandt would love to be on your podcast sometime in the future. He is a holistic dentist in Colorado!

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