Mindful Eating

Tips to Prevent Overeating During the Holiday Season

by Mike Mutzel




Happy Thanksgiving!

Wanted to let you know that we're grateful that you're on our email list and read the blog from time-to-time. It means a lot!

Thought you might enjoy these tips to help prevent overeating.

Here's a few big ones:

#1: More people you're around, the more likely you'll overeat. Just be aware of it when serving yourself or getting up for seconds.

#2: More stuff on your plate, more food you'll eat. Try to

#3: More ‘healthy' food labels we apply to it–the more likely that you'll over eat (this one was surprising to me). “Guilt-free” “low-carb” “gluten-free” …these labels lend to overeating. So even though you maybe eating keto for thanksgiving, trick yourself into thinking it's just regular old food–so you don't overeat.

Oh…and some fun facts about Turkeys that you may find interesting! (Like how strong they are!)

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