Thomas O’Connor, MD: Testosterone (HRT), Steroids and SARMS

by Mike Mutzel



About Dr. Thomas O’Connor, MD:

Thomas O'Connor, MD, is an anabolic steroid and testosterone replacement therapy (HRT) expert.

He's the author of America on Steroids and in this video he discusses the good, bad and ugly when it comes to testosterone, steroids and steroid-like compounds, namely SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators).

Since all of these compounds are widely used by millions of men and women, yet rarely talked about, it’s important that we all better understand how they impact the body, why users use them and how they feel when they’re cycling off them.


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America on Steroids: A Time to Heal: The Anabolic Doc Weighs Bro-Science Against Evidence-Based Medicine

ANABOLICS 11th Edition

Show Notes:

02:58 Between 12 million and 20 million American men use steroids.

04:28 Each month Dr. O’Conner sees about 3 to 5 male steroid using patients under the age of 21. The young man generally starts with Test Boosters and transition to prohormones. Some will progress to oral steroids like Anavar or Winstrol then intramuscular steroids.

07:24 The biggest risk of anabolic steroids is in the brain, called anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism. The hypothalamus and pituitary are very sensitive to androgens.  If the agent has a clinical affect, it will have an impact upon the central nervous system.

10:20 The crash after steroid use impacts the central nervous system and can lead to suicide. The man will need to be transitioned with ancillary agents, medical grade PCT and/or weaning doses of esters of testosterone.

12:36 Many steroids used are designed for use in animals.

14:00 Dianabol steroids were designed to be less androgenic and more anabolic oral agent. It was removed from the market in 1983. 10 years later all anabolic androgenic steroids, including testosterone esters were classified as controlled drugs.

15:54 Medically, testosterone esters are used for testosterone replacement for hypogonadal men ages 18 and above. Low T could be from things like anabolic steroids, diabetes, pituitary tumors or congenital issues.

16:34 The leading cause of hypogonadism in men under 50 in the US is from steroid use.

16:45 Steroids are used in treatment of cachexia, muscle wasting.

17:45 Steroids need to be more fully studied so they can be used medically where warranted and effective, without the current politics and belief that they are only for vanity.

19:39 There is no safe oral agent. The least toxic is Anavar. The toxicity of the oral agent depends upon who is using it, what is being taken, what else is being taken and how long.

20:32 One cycle of steroids leads to more. Eventually, the brain shuts down, you can have a heart attack, or you can suffer profound damage to heart, liver and/or kidneys.

22:11There are no studies on Post Cycle Therapy, randomized, double blinded, peer reviewed.

23:30 After continued steroid use, there is a withdrawal syndrome because your natural testosterone levels have been suppressed. This can include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and libido.

25:33 Steroids worsen/accelerate classic cardiac risk factors. Steroids increase blood pressure, affect the lipid panel, increasing bad cholesterol and degrade good cholesterol and cause dyslipidemia, iron overload, and polycythemia which can lead to a hyper-coagulable state.

27:24 Doctors, watch Dr. O’Conner’s 4-part series on how to take in a steroid user.

28:21 Steroid users have increased left ventricle size and a reduction in ejection fraction, systolic dysfunction. That is heart failure. There is also early diastolic dysfunction.

29:09 Steroids cross the blood brain barrier. They cross the skeletal muscle barrier. They cross the myocardial boarder and affect the heart.

30:08 Dr. O’Conner protocol exists for trying to block the adverse effects upon the heart using ace inhibitors, ARBs, early diabetic agents, cardiac selective beta blockers. This helps the heart from continuing to enlarge or developing further plaque and having a heart attack.

31:49 All men metabolize testosterone differently. A TRT dose is, depending upon the patient, ½ a mil every 5 to 7 days.

34:13 A man’s brain changes because of the high free fraction of testosterone on the esters. A man’s brain enjoys the androgen. They concentrate better, feel well and their libido is better. Dr. O’Conner tells patients: If they are going on testosterone, they are never coming off because of the effect upon the brain. These are men with low T from metabolic disease.

37:30 Men need help coming off steroids. Their brain is disconnected from their endogenous testosterone production in their testes. It is a secondary hypogonadism. You need to be an expert to address this.

43:52 SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) from the internet is junk. SARMs were purchased off the internet and analyzed at Harvard. 10 or 20% were real SARM.

49:14 Men on testosterone have less prostate cancer than men who are not. It appears to be protective. No prostate cancer is found in retrospective studies of steroid users.

51:25 There is a stigma about men using testosterone for wellness. Women use estrogen to feel well and bone health.

54:25 Older men with low T die earlier. With low T, there is emotional and wellness suffering.

01:02:12 Sexual drugs Melanotan II and PT- 141 stimulate receptors in the brain, causing spontaneous erections in men. The brain may adjust to PT-141 and destroys the ability to have an erection.

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