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#180: Shalini Bhat, DC- Fascia Is Now an Organ, Mobility and Low-carb, High-fat diets

by Deanna Mutzel, DC



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02:07 Benefits of Healthy Fascia: Until very recently, we did not realize that fascia are powerful connections throughout your body. Fascia sleeves can run from the tips of your heels to the top of your head in one continuous track. We are only recently mapping the tracks.

03:41 Metabolic Evaluation through Touch: Dr. Bhat can tell by manipulating a patient’s fascial tracks that there are metabolic issues. If patients recover quickly, you can tell that cell health of the fascia is healthy and hydrated. Patients with metabolic issues do not respond and their fascia tissues are sticky, as are their movements.

05:30 Fascia: Fascia encompasses every single part of our body. It is a 3 dimensional web and structure that resides throughout our body. Our bones float within, as do our muscles.

06:20 The Fascia/Gut Connection: A study from November 2016 says that the mesentery is now an organ, a self-contained vital organ with a function. The mesentery is a continuous sheet of fascia that holds our gut. Manual work on fascia liberates pockets of bacteria.

09:30 Sugar vs Fat: Your joints do not lubricate on sugar water, but they and connective tissue in general, lubricate on good fats.

10:09 Emotions: Emotions cause contracted fascia, especially in the gut. Pelvic orientation is influenced by anger, according to Chinese medicine. When something happens on the body, the sensory map on the brain becomes bigger and rewires to create more perception to that area.

14:27 Treating the Whole Patient: We should start to look at the human body as a 3 dimensional in vivo body and model, rather than looking at the body as pieces or systems. Zoom out. It is about the patient rather than the practice.

17:21 Individualizing Diet: It is important to respect that women are on a cycle. Hormones, neurotransmitters, gut health and more are in constant flux, and women need to eat different things throughout the month to address this. A whole food based low carb diet is anti-inflammatory. Dr. Bhat uses the Add In displacement method, rather than taking things away.  Add in greens, good fats, and water. She also works to balance pH in her patients. Ground foods increase blood sugar. After ovulation, a woman’s body is expecting to carry a child, so they will want more carbohydrates. Gut motility slows and it is harder to takeoff weight than in the first half of the cycle.

21:17 Ketogenic Diet and Women: For adrenal health, women need carbs at certain times. For treating cancer or specific populations, strict keto is beneficial. Dr. Bhat went strict keto for about a month, but her adrenals and microbiome were not in a good place when she started. She has hopes of trying it again. She was holding weight.

24:44 Lifestyle of Eating Meat Fast: Sitting down to your meal and chewing your food well is important. Digestion is like reading a book. If you read quickly, you have no comprehension. Food is information.

26:23 Types of Exercise: The exercise that Dr. Bhat espouses supports the facial line up, rather than muscle building. Working entire fascial sleeves at one time with real life functional applications, rather than isolated muscle groups. Motion is lotion for your body in general. You are increasing circulation, perfusing tissue.

28:26 Aging and Fascia: We lose the elasticity of our fascia as we age. Bouncing/rebounding or vibration plates increase elasticity of your tissue by creating 3 dimensional tension.

30:06 Tissue Creep: As you sit, after 15 minutes, your tissues reach maximal stretch. We tend to readjust at about 15 minutes. At maximum stretch, our tissues are vulnerable and lose elasticity, promoting injury. Fascia encases the muscle and also goes straight into the intramuscular septums, around the bones and into the bones.

32:24 Lifting Weights: Respect fascia. It will affect your function. Train full body movements and do functional movements.

35:57 Acupuncture and Fascia: The meridian map is exactly the same as the fascial map.

37:59 Dr. Bhat’s Morning Routine: When she awakens, Dr. Bhat has a mantra, “I have all I need.” It is calming and starts the day with a small celebration that she woke up. She does light stretching in the morning. Between patients, she does her workout at her facility. For breakfast, most times, she drinks a rubus tea with ghee. Other times she has a protein shake. On the weekend, she eats breakfast. If she had a choice, lunch would be her biggest meal.

42:07 Dr. Bhat’s Favorite Herb: A probiotic is her choice.

42:40 Dr. Bhat’s Elevator Pitch: She would like to see the current sick care system, turn into a health care system that creates health, wellness and vitality.


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