Multivitamins: How to Know If They’re Good or Not

by Mike Mutzel


A multivitamin commercial recently popped up on my screen as a sponsored video advertising their amazing “micronutrient formula.”

Out of curiosity, I clicked through the ad to see what was in it.

The forms of micronutrients (and other junk ingredients) listed were disappointing, to say the least.

Hopefully the short video from above will  help you better vet a multivitamin (or any B vitamin or mineral blend):

As discussed in more depth in the video, the main four red flags to look out for are:

  • Form of folate: often times folic acid is used, which you want to avoid
  • Form of B12: cyanocobalamin is, unfortunately, very commonly used
  • Forms of other B vitamins and minerals
  • Unnecessary coloring agents or starches

I realize you may eat a really clean diet, so a multivitamin blend is not your jam.

But many people are new to eating real food or exercising in heat (sweating), or they might be pregnant or have compromised digestion, so a multivitamin has its place.


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