Late Eating: Avoid this Common Intermittent Fasting Mistake

by Mike Mutzel




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About this Podcast:

New research suggests blood sugar and insulin surges can impair our circadian clock system, possibly leading to sleep disruptions and more. We then discuss how to avoid the common meal-timing mistake many make when intermittent fasting or eating OMAD, adding more evidence to the idea that we should start feeding earlier in the day and start our fast in the early evening.


Studies Discussed:

Zhao, L., Hutchison, A. T. & Heilbronn, L. K. Carbohydrate intake and circadian synchronicity in the regulation of glucose homeostasis. Curr Opin Clin Nutrition Metabolic Care 24, 342–348 (2021).



  1. Mike,

    Thanks for your recent meal timing podcast. I am glad to hear about this recent nutritional research.

    Issue. I once heard the podcaster Kiefer warn type 2 diabetics (like me) that his carb backloading exercise timing might not work for type 2 diabetics because their insulin sensitivity curve slopped the opposite way during the day than for metabolically healthy people. I recall he had read research to this effect, but I don’t think he gave a cite.

    I mention this point because as a T2D, I am frustrated at never having heard those discussing meal timing effects mention the different insulin sensitivity slopes (assuming Kiefer got it right). Given the prevalence of T2D and pre-diabetes, the issue could make a big difference for a lot of people.

    My Background. I am a recovering 20-year diagnosed type 2 diabetic. I focus on eating a level-insulin diet, which has been the keto diet for me starting 9 years ago. My fasting morning blood sugars now tend to run in the 90’s at age 74. Before going keto, the morning fasting blood sugars were typically 200+, despite taking a couple of hundred units of insulin per day. I typically don’t feel like eating until late morning, and finish my last meal by 6 pm, leaving 4 or 5 hours fasting before bedtime. Evening meal timing that feels right for me seems to agree with the article’s suggested early finish to the day’s eating.

    With best regards,

    Gerry Shea
    [email protected]

    • Hi Gerry,

      This makes sense. IMO carb backloading seems reasonable for folks who are very physically active and training hard; may not be ideal for people with insulin resistance and such.

      Take care,


  2. Hey Mike!

    Awesome episode, I appreciate your deep dive into the science. I will be sure to implement this information into my life.

    I can’t seem to find a PDF of the research paper. Are you able to share that? Would very much like to read it.


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