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Ketones Have Anticatabolic Properties in Muscle Tissue: Implications for Fasting and Exercise

by Mike Mutzel

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Ketones & Muscle Loss—New Data

Strategies that can prevent age-related muscle loss are hot topics among scientists nowadays.

In this video we review new research suggesting that ketones have “anti-catabolic” effects in muscle—meaning: they may slow muscle loss.

Links to Studies Mentioned:

Koutnik, A. P., D’Agostino, D. P., & Egan, B. (2019). Anticatabolic Effects of Ketone Bodies in Skeletal Muscle. Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, 1–3.

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Increasing Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) is all the rage nowadays. But instead of guzzling down protein every few hours to drive MPS, maybe you can just stay in ketosis, instead….. ——————————————— Over the last thirty years several labs have shown that ketones can curb inflammation associated decreases in muscle cell anabolism. (e.g. ketones are anticatabolic.) This new review published by Andrew Koutnik & @dominic.dagostino.kt explores some new mechanisms and details about how ketones influence the anabolic balance in muscle tissue. Cool stuff, eh? #bcaa #keto #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketoaf #muscleprotein #postworkout #preworkout #legday #squats #intermittentfasting #timerestrictedeating #metabolichealthsummit

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  1. I love all your vids. Even tho I am on my last legs from lyme and co-infections, have SIBO and am 25 lbs underweight I just love your knowledge and forward to friends. Also, have been on a Paleo diet for many years and have just recently added some carbs. My meter has always read for years now that my ketone level is a 3.5. I wonder if it’s my diet or my infections. Just a thought. If you have any thoughts on it I don’t expect you have the time, but if you send me a link to anything about this I would be very grateful. Best and just keep soaring.

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