Cardiovascular disease

Joe Rogan VS Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN: Clips That Should Have Made the News

by Mike Mutzel

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Joe Rogan asks Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN hard questions you've been seeking answers for. I found these five clips to be among the most informative from this three hour long discussion.





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Time Stamps:

1:30 Joe Rogan addresses the root cause
2:56 Joe & Dr. Gupta on Obesity, Health & 80% of cases are mild
4:32 Dr. Gupta admits we should focus on health
7:17 Dr. Gupta agrees processed food is a problem
10:50 Pandemic of Junk Food Excess
11:21 Vitamin D and K
12:18 It’s a Vascular Disease & aspirating the needle

12:41 More on Heart Disease and more
14:35 Obesity and blood vessels
17:00 Myocarditis in kids breakdown
19:37 Data in kids from last 19 months
23:24 We’ve made kids more vulnerable
24:33 Natural Immunity: why is it still ignored.

  1. I agree with you, Mike; exercise, diet; keep the body healthy. To many of us that’s common sence. My question is, since Gupta by being a doctor is in the “science” group, he maybe has been avoiding the positive prognosis due to excersize and diet because of no approved studies to back this up. I’m not in the medical field and can be totally wrong on this approach but I haven’t heard of studies that positively show that the intesity of Covid 19 is determined by diet and exercise even thought we know it totally makes sence.

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