Blood Sugar

James Maskell On a Knew Coop Cost Sharing Insurance Model

by Mike Mutzel


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Show Notes

00:33 James is touring the country for Knew Health, a cost sharing health group that you can join.  He has been networking doctors and other practitioners of integrative and functional medicine for the past 4.5 years via The Functional Forum.

01:21 Knew Health is about scaling up Functional Medicine, making it available to everyone.

02:22 Insurance is really a pre-paid health plan for the services the average person would expect to use. Healthy people do not have the risk of these expenses.

02:55 Affordable Care Act forced people to buy insurance from 1 of 6 vendors.

03:22 Christian Health Cost Sharing Ministries serve a million people in America and saved James about $1,000 per month over the past few years using cost sharing plans. It is cheaper than insurance yet similar to insurance in its structure.

04:54 Lifetime dependence upon medication drive 86% of insurance costs.

05:09 There is no incentive to be healthyin our current system. Your plan works best if you use it, a lot.

05:38 There is now no tax penalty for not having health insurance.

06:11 James created his own health cost sharing in the functional medicine community, Knew Health.

06:49 Knew Health alternative will have open enrollment in November.

06:57 Knew Health is for people who take personal responsibility for their health and are ready to take community responsibility.

08:15 One quarter of all healthcare cost is waste and fraud. That is 800 billion dollars a year.

09:56 In James’ model, the people who support each other to get healthy receive the benefit, rather than insurance companies. We all work together to keep healthcare costs low.

13:32 Only 7% of Americans trust their health insurance company.

15:45 Great speakers, showcasing the talent in different localities, will be included at tour stops, so be sure to come.

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