How Sauna Benefits Your Brain, Immune System, Heart and More

by Mike Mutzel





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  1. Hi Mike, I don’t have access to a sauna so I have been soaking in a hot bath 3-4 times per week. Water 108-103 degrees for 35 minutes then refill with cold water 65 degrees. Heart rate goes up to 140 bpm and back down to 85 when cold.

    On several occasions I have had a strong reaction 3-6 hours after the bath. Fever, Ache, Shivering and high heart rate. It sounds like a Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction but I haven’t had any other symptoms of Lyme or other infections.

    I tried following the Lyme recommendations after the bath: Alkaseltzer Gold, Liposomal Glutathione, Naproxen and lemon juice water. This prevents any side effects.

    Have you seen any research on hot bath and Herxheimer? Maybe I am just dehydrated from sweating for 30 minutes and this covers the electrolyte loss.

    • Hi there Larry!

      This is quite interesting, haven’t heard of this strong of a response. Would add more real salt pre and post to see how that helps, could be that simple or more complicated with co-infections and the like.

      Give salt a try! (Or a high quality electrolyte.)


  2. I like the way you are approaching this and sharing good info and perspective! One side note: just as a hot tub isn’t a sauna, so infrared also isn’t a sauna. The basic distinction is the presence of hot rocks and löyly (steam). But there is MUCH more to sauna practice which is what makes it different than infrared products.

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