Cardiovascular disease

High Risk for Covid from Largely Preventable Conditions: Blood Pressure, Insulin Resistance, Obesity + Anxiety

by Mike Mutzel

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About Today's Episode:

A new analysis of 4.8 hospital visits from March 2020 to March 2021 found 94.9% of COVID 19-infected patients had at least one chronic disease; the top 10 most prevalent conditions were caused largely by people’s nutrition and lifestyle choices.

It’s been long known that underlying health conditions were risk factors for more severe infections and death, but this data from 540,000 infected patients shared new insights.

Here are the findings from 800 different hospitals in the USA:

-Conditions related to insulin resistance (obesity, lipid issues, diabetes, etc. …) comprise the majority of the top 15 most frequent underlying conditions linked to poor outcomes and death among the hospitalized

-The two conditions most strongly associated with risk of death were obesity and anxiety/fear-related disorders. (Was the media-induced fear helpful?)

-The number of underlying conditions increased the risk of death by several orders of magnitude

-Only 5.5% of all hospitalized patients did not have one or more chronic health condition


Kompaniyets L, Pennington AF,Goodman AB, Rosenblum HG, Belay B, Ko JY, et al. Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 AdultsHospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021. PrevChronic Dis 2021;18:210123

  1. Mike, did you see the 100 year (yes!) review of ketogenic diets posted by Alan Aragon on Facebook? I’d be curious to hear your response to that on his page.

    “However, these positive impacts are mainly because of the appetite suppressive effects of KDs, which can decrease daily calorie intake. Therefore, KDs do not have any superior benefits to non-KDs in BM and body fat loss in individuals with obesity and athletic populations in an isocaloric situation.”

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