Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Heart-Rate Variability (HRV): The Biomarker You Should Track Daily

by Mike Mutzel




Key Takeaways from the Video Above:

00:25: What is heart-rate variability (HRV)?

: the time differences between consecutive heart beats. Reduced HRV is associated with numerous disease states, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, depression and more.

00:48: Tools that can help: Marco Altini has the HRV4 training app that can be used with any smartphone, for free

Link to interview: https://youtu.be/FmvmfJ0aQRs

01:03: The OURA ring does give you HRV data, but not in real-time, just max in the evening and average night-time heart rate variability (HRV)

01:14: Elite HRV is a new handheld device that can give you real-time HRV analysts

Here’s why I no longer race 🙂

02:04 Competitive athletes use resting heart rate to asses training load

2:36L more variability is better

03:07 show data of low HRV and cancer, mortality

03:31 Debrah Ozmit of HeartMath Institute

03:34: Marco Altini at HRV4 training (podcast)

03:37: Alessandro Ferriti linked the metagenic diet to higher heart-rate variability (HRV)

04:06 High-frequency (HF) HRV VS Low-Frequency (LF) HRV:  The high-frequency (HF) measure (power in the range 0.15–0.4 Hz) is said to reflect the parasympathetic nervous systems (PNSs)

05:10 Elite HRV gives you both high and low-frequency scores

05:38: How to use the Elite HRV app: I like to use both the “open reading” and the first morning readiness score

07:07: Using HRV in conjunction with other tools to asses training load, life load and overall recovery: take it with a grain of salt, biometric tools are great to give insights into the body, but take the readings into context with how you feel, life load and stressors

07:21 A declining trend in HRV is often a sign of over-reaching, poor sleep or upcoming cold. Time to back off on the exercise volume or intensity

08:16 Myo Relax and Calm From MYOXCIENCE can help foster deeper sleep and increase parasympathetic tone post-workout


Tools to Measure Your Heart-Rate Variability (HRV):


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