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#92: Karen Malkin, HHC – Fat Loss with Mindful Eating and Healthy Digestion

by Mike Mutzel


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About Karen Malkin, HHC

Karen is a Health Counselor and Psychology of Eating Coach brings together all the values for which she stands. She's am passionate about supporting people in making transformations in their own lives without sacrificing their favorite foods. Her approach combines cutting-edge science, the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the psychology of eating with a practical approach to whole foods and healthy living. Every day, she continues to learn from her clients and in her personal time enjoys cooking, cycling, Pilates, taking walks, spending time with my husband and four sons, and realigning the balance in her own life.

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Show Notes

05:08 The First Step is to be Aware: Dr. Malkin invites her clients to look at food and body in a new way. What you eat is important, but your body’s natural circadian rhythm, how you eat and who you are as an eater is as important or may be more important. The first step in letting go of the emotions around food is to be aware of where you are. Food challenges can be a portal for our own growth and transformation.

07:31: Instigating Changes: By being aware, you begin to choose. Don’t beat yourself up, but notice what has happened and how your feel. Make a mind-body connection about what you eat and how you feel. Own it.

08:48 Mindless Eating: We want to be present while eating, without guilt and stress. If you eat that ice cream cone with pleasure, you are breathing more, burning more calories, using oxygen. Eating with a sense of pleasure enhances digestion, absorption and assimilation. Fast eating places our bodies in a stress response, elevating cortisol, elevating insulin and signals our bodies to store fat and not burn muscle. Vitamin Q is the quality of your food.

12:16 Bio-Circadian Rhythms: Everyone’s body is unique. Our metabolism picks up in the morning. Between 10 and 2 pm, we are massively calorie burning. If you are going to get your 2000 calories in during a 24 hr period, but you hardly ate in the morning or day, your metabolism will be slowest between 3 and 10 pm. It is the best way to gain weight. Dr. Malkin recommends shifting the 2,000 calorie intake much earlier in the day. Fuel your tank when you need it. It isn’t necessarily a matter of willpower. It is about planning and making yourself a priority.  Intermittent fasting of 12 hours, can naturally take place by not eating before bed. It promotes natural detoxification, which is healthier for your body. For weight loss and inflammation, eat earlier and give yourself a good 12 hour fast.

16:21 Effective Eating:  Consuming protein, fat and a nutrient dense breakfast and lunch helps prevent sugar cravings.  If you have carbs, have them later in the day. It helps you to relax. Protein will help you think more clearly.

17:19 Five Minutes Before you eat: In her 14 day transformation, Dr. Malkin instructs her clients to take 5 deep breaths before each meal. It burns calories and enhances metabolism. Five deep breaths helps deter cravings also. To activate your brain/gut axis, look at where you are, your environment, your plate and pay attention to the details. How does your food taste? How does it smell? How does it feel?

19:51 Our Relationship with Food: It mirrors our relationship with life. Our relationship with food is the oldest relationship we have. When you can taste, smell, feel and be present with what is in your mouth, you become much more mindful in other relationships and other areas in life.

23:21 Our Thoughts and Metabolism: Listen to what you say to yourself and be kinder. Many of us live in the past with regret or in the future with fear. It affects our metabolism, because it elevates your stress response/cortisol levels, which elevates insulin, the fat storage hormone. High cortisol levels force your brain to want high calorie, high sugar, and high carbohydrate-based foods. We need to be present.

26:44 Macronutrients to Curb Cravings: It is all about balance. Food affects how we think and feel, not only how we look. Food has energy. Animal proteins are grounding. Vegan protein is more creative and light. Pay attention to cravings. Shift around the proteins, fiber, fat and carbs and see how you feel.

28:30 Grains: Dr. Malkin rinses all of her grains and tries to soak them for a short while. Fermented grains would be great, but they are time consuming. She teaches her clients to cook once and eat two or three times. She finds that a few of the athletes she works with do well with a breakfast that includes some whole grains. It is all bio-individual. Bread is not a whole grain. Some of it is based on blood type and some is on ancestry.

29:46 Deep Bag of Dietary Tricks:  There is no One Size Fits All. The Ayurveda recommend going at least 4 hours between meals to put your body in fat metabolism rather than sugar. It is a matter of trying a number of different things to find what works best for your body. The goal is to create a sustainable long term food plan without guilt and stress.  This includes the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you eat clean foods and nourish your body with good quality. The other 10 or 20% enjoy. Food is pleasure.

31:32 Shifting to Experimentation Mode: Dr. Malkin has her clients keep a food journal to see what needs modification. Sometimes lack of weight loss is essential fatty acid deficiency. That is your fish oil, wild salmon, avocado, olive oil.

33:32 Key Supplements: MCT oil is fractionated coconut oil. It is a short chain fat, which metabolizes differently than long chain fats. Medium chain triglycerides for athletes, for weight loss, for cognition and brain health are beneficial. Dr. Malkin uses it in her morning protein shake. MCTs metabolize more like a carb, so it is an energy source. They don’t get stored as fat. Shorter chain fats can cross the blood brain barrier to energize the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. Dr. Malkin recommends supplements as a supplement to a diet. Ideally, we would get all of our vitamins and minerals from our food.  Check vitamin D levels and supplement accordingly. Supplement with fish oil, and a multivitamin or a B complex.

36:25 Paying Attention: When you are feeling especially well, pay attention so you can determine what worked well. Did you sleep well? Sleep hormones, ghrelin and leptin impact cravings.  Sometimes the source of our cravings is not enough quality sleep. Figure out what is working and replicate it. Do more of what works. Don’t beat yourself up over what doesn’t. Just learn from it.

38:03 Dr. Malkin’s Morning Routine: In her ideal morning, Dr. Malkin has antioxidant-rich green tea, which is thermogenic and fat burning, along with a big mug of hot water. She has an MCT lean protein shake with water, 2 scoops of protein, maybe some spinach, beets, fresh berries, ground flax, hemp and chia seeds for omega-3s and MCT oil. This morning she did 1 ½ hours of Pilates. She alternates with cycling indoors or outdoors. She also walks. Then she heads off to a busy day at work.

39:13 Dr. Malkin’s Garden: It was a birthday gift from 7 of her friends. It is a gift of health. She has greens, lettuce, kale, jalapenos, and tomatoes. She makes lots of salads and her own salsa. They have calm healthy dinners together every night. It is important for families to eat together. Studies show that when you eat together, that children are healthier, make better food choices and they are less apt to abuse drugs or alcohol. Turn off cell phones and TV.

42:20 Dr. Malkin’s One Health Tip for Americans: Stop the junk food marketing to our children.

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Scientific References

Chewing forty times before swallowing also resulted in a higher plasma cholecystokinin concentration… suggest that a higher number of masticatory cycles before swallowing may provide beneficial effects on satiety and facilitate glucose absorption.

Zhu, Y.(2012). Increasing the number of masticatory cycles is associated with reduced appetite and altered postprandial plasma concentrations of gut hormones, insulin and glucose. British Journal of Nutrition, 1–7.


Our results among middle-aged men and women suggest that eating fast would lead to obesity.

Otsuka, R. et al. (2006). Eating Fast Leads to Obesity: Findings Based on Self-administered Questionnaires among Middle-aged Japanese Men and Women. Journal of Epidemiology, 16(3), 117–124.

…..eating slowly may help to maximize satiation and reduce energy intake within meals.

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