Fasting May Help Curb Emotional Eating During Social Distancing

by Mike Mutzel


Gurus say fasting is no better or different than ole’ fashion calorie counting. But if you want to avoid the COVID 15, I’d suggest implementing some hard stops around your feeding window (TRF/IF or OMAD). Being socially isolated, at home with a full refrigerator and pantry lends itself to constant snacking, nibbling and emotional eating.

Bonus: Access fasting plans and recipes

Just ask yourself next time you reach for the ________ (insert fattening food here): am I really hungry OR am I just eating because I’m stressed, bored or lonely?
Chances are, you’re not eating because your hungry!

Personally, during this ‘house arrest period’ I’m eating between 12-6 on trining days and just once a day non-training days.

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