Fast Food Weakens Your Immunity, Raises Susceptibly to COVID-19

by Mike Mutzel



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00:20 Improving your diet and lifestyle, improves your body’s defenses. It should not have been controversial.


Bohlouli, J., Moravejolahkami, A. R., Dashti, M. G., Zehi, Z. B., Kermani, M. A. H., Borzoo-Isfahani, M., & Bahreini-Esfahani, N. (2021). COVID-19 and Fast Foods Consumption: a Review. International Journal of Food Properties, 24(1), 203–209. 

01:00 A bolus amount of sugar shifts immune cells for the worse in people who are pre-diabetic.

01:54 COVID-19 outcomes for people who eat unhealthy diets, can include chronic disorders such as dementia, neurodegenerative disease.

02:38 The more pre-existing chronic inflammation you have at the time of contracting COVID-19, the more disease severity you may experience.

03:55 Reduce COVID-19 complications with a heathy diet and lifestyle.

04:50 The higher the pre-existing viral load, the higher the probability of having chronic lingering effects after a COVID-19 infection.

05:30 Obese people respond poorly to vaccines, antiviral and antimicrobial drugs.

07:11 Hot food take-away containers can be a source of toxic heavy metals including cadmium, mercury, nickel, lead and arsenic.

07:30 Heavy metals cause endothelial dysfunction. They are linked with cardiovascular complications, obesity and cancer.

10:15 COVID-19 was the 3rd leading cause of mortality for people over the age of 45 up to October of 2020.

11:48 We seem to ignore the two leading causes of death, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and support companies that produce products that make people sick.

12:50 Heart disease and cancer are risk factors for severe COVID-19 outcomes.

13:30 Even for people in their 30s, heart disease claims more lives than COVID-19.

 14:00 T lymphocytes and B cells, of your adaptive immune system, are negatively affected when you eat junk food.

14:52 Your immune system provides ample long-lasting immunity. People exposed to the first SARS outbreak in 2003 still have immunity.

16:00 Your memory T-cells are largely impacted by your diet and lifestyle.

20:00 In heart disease and cancer, genetics load the gun, but your environment pulls the trigger.




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